Atlanta Braves Clinch

Discussion in 'Sports' started by SamusAran86, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. SamusAran86

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    ...13th Straight Division Title Story

    First off, I would like to congatulate them for there 13th striaht season winning there Division title... its something unseen in this day and age, even the mighty Yanks dont have a run like that

    Its a little dissapointing that in those 13 years, theyve only won the World Series once (in 1995) and have only made the trip to the WS 2 times in those 13 years(i might be wrong, but its what I remember)

    It might be there 13th striaght, but I expext this year to end for them the way most of those 13 have... without a chapionship, as Wild Card has led the way the last 2 years, The Cubs and Red Sox ( both currently leading Wild Card Races) I think will make it, or at least I hope so as both sports towns need the break... The Red Sox especially, with Schilling (one of the best IMO, and someone the D-Backs shouldnt have traded) they have the GREATEST cluch pitcher ever, but then again thats my own opinion

  2. Rabs

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    Yes, the Braves are my team and I'm happy for them. I am afraid that they won't win the WS again this year though, but what else is new? Oh well.
  3. Doc

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    GO! Orioles...

    *runs away crying*

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