Atheists vs Christians


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Watching some of them debate is like watching pants-on-head-retarded hooting chimps with downs syndrome (read: console fanboys) rant and rave, amirite?
It is pretty hard to carry on a legitimate debate when you are very angry, and both Atheists and Christians know how to piss the other off, which is usually what happens.

I have seen some knowledgeable and level-headed debates on the subject, but in most cases someone gets pissed and the whole thing turns into an exercise in stupidity.


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I would have to say mostly protestant Christians and Atheist extremists get into debates that degenerate into shit-flinging contests.

I do not see what the point in debating the issue is neither side will budge.

I will say though Roman Catholics and the average Atheist (even Agnostic) seem to get along fairly well.

Also Jews and Eastern religious seem to get along with any religious sect.

I do not even read any of the threads in this section aside from the occasional one that catches my eye.

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