Atheism is not a religion!

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by Clear_Note, Jul 13, 2008.

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    This is an argument I've been getting from many people on different sites that I inadvertently started a religious debate with. Some people can't realize that atheism is not a religion. Atheism is non-belief, therefore it is not a religion. Seriously, how in the hell can it be so difficult to explain it's non-belief? What, do I have to provide evidence Santa doesn't exist, and then call myself an A-santa-ist? It's ridiculous, saying that atheism is a religion is just an excuse to say that it has just as much of a chance of being right as any religion, when it doesn't. Wanna know why? Okay, ready? Here we go.

    Religion, book.

    Science, evidence.

    Religion, book.

    Science, evidence.

    Religion, book.

    Science, EVIDENCE!

    I don't know why it's so hard for a person to accept that non-belief can't be categorized in religion. It took me 3 messages to convince an idiot that atheism isn't a religion.

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  2. Obsessiforge

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    while I agree with you that atheism isn't a religion, I'd also like to say that I think that in the case of at least one religious text (the one that I follow), science becomes evidence for the existence of God rather than the nonexistence of God. in other words, if scripture is the word of God, Science is his act.
  3. SuiGeneris

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    For the sake of arguing, religion isn't specifically magic/faith based. Thats as much of a misconception as saying an agnostic is an athiest. Now some people even say that science is a religion, I mean...damn it slipped my mind one of the more influential scientists of the 20th century even said something to the effect of "Science is the only fundamental religion that has proof"

    Athiests follow a set of beliefs just like any other religion. Their belief is there is no "high power" no true special force or existance beyound our own. They follow and act on those beliefs, so in a sense, they are as much of a religion as christianity, wicca or buddhism.
  4. look3467

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    If it is not a religion, why debate it?

    It should be settled in your own mind that it is not and not much bother as to what anybody says.

    But! Based on the wording of the opening OP, you are offended as though the possibility of it being true, you must defend against it.

    In essences, you are asking to be proved wrong because there is the slightest bit of doubt?

    I mean, this is what I read into it and of course, just my opinion.

  5. Clear_Note

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    I just kinda found it annoying.
  6. Oooh_snap

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    What do you want non-believers to call themselves when asked what religion they participate in? There has to be a classification for times like when going to the hospital.. In case you die while there they have to know. Most hospitals will not let you say that you would rather not disclose such information, and "non-believer" is not a choice.

    I would not really say that Atheism is a religion either, but it is a way to determine a status of non-belief in one word without having to go into an explanation of not believing in a god. I think in the context of it being a a mass group of people with a strong belief it could be classified as a religion. Even if that belief is that there is no god. While that is a nonbeliever in your eyes.. It is a strong belief to them..
  7. Mason

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    There are quite a lot of Atheists that believe God doesn't exist. So your claims that it is a non-belief are false.

    Also, not every religion has a book of some sort.
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  8. Kazmarov

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    Religion is an organized system of belief. Atheists don't tend to organize and in general represent a very broad ideological spectrum. Atheism thus isn't a religion, just like theism isn't a religion. There are, however, quite a few atheistic religions (Jainism and some forms of Buddhism come to mind). There are also the weird merging religions such as Unitarian Universalism (which is vaguely Christian, but populated in most areas by agnostics or non-theists).

    It doesn't have to involve a book, as illiterate societies (indigenous cultures for the most part) have very clear religions in place.
    Wrong. Negative pregnant: a non-belief in one thing inherently leads to an affirmation of another. Thus you can't say it's a belief any more than you can say it's a non-belief. By not believing in the doctrine of theism you inherently believe in the doctrine of atheism, unless of course you're in the small group in the middle (apathetic agnostics).
  9. Rectify88

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    Karamazov, and claer Note I side with. Think of Atheism as an adjective. It is describing a narrowed term of Non- Believing . since Atheism is basically saying that there is nothing, pushing a non beliefs... Belief is pretty contradiction. However even nothing is something in hindsight. SO there is really no point if being Atheistic. But instead of writing down a list of things you don't ebeleive in we say Atheist. Also that if you acually beleive not in religion but anything, including that stuffed Animal you sleeep with, you can't classify yourself as an Atheist bnecuase Null is the word as in absolutley nothing.
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  10. Kazmarov

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    Atheism has nothing to do with belief in general, just in regards to a deity. You can believe that Buddha's wisdom is great and that he is an enlightened individual, while still rejecting the idea of a god. Thus, many Buddhists are atheists, but have a variety of formal beliefs.

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