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How many of you guys had the atari 2600? I grew up with it. That was the only console I had till I was 22. Me and my brother, we always had to solder joints and stuff in it to keep it working. The games were simple but provided hours of entertainment.

What was your favourite game from it? Mine was keystone capers. You played as a cop trying to overtake a robber, while jumping obstacles and what not on yoru path. I never beat the game but I spent hours trying too.

What about yourselves?


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The Atari 2600, if I remember correctly, was the second system I ever had. I had a Super Nintendo prior to that whenever I was around the age of 4, but it was supposedly stolen (I still think my dad sold it for beer). A few months later, he ended up buying me the Atari 2600 off of a buddy of his and I loved it.

Missile Command was definitely my favorite game for it.


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My family had a 2600 before I was ever born.

I think that my brother sold the 2600 and the NES to buy a Sega Genesis. (that's why the Genesis was my first console)

I have played the 2600 and I enjoyed Pacman, Pitfall, and Space Invaders.
MY Nephew had one and my Cousin down the street had one and I loved it. . . . . . .
I eventually got one but it was a newer smaller revised Atari 2600. . . . . . .
I have a link to a website that allows you to make fictitious Atari 260 Game labels in Black and or Silver, but before I post is I need to know if I am allowed to post it on these forums. . . . . . .
As a youngster, I had an Atari 2600 in the late 80's and into the early 90's.

During the time I had an Atari 2600, Nintendo was much more popular. But my parents couldn't afford to purchase me a Nintendo.

I still had lots of fun on the Atari, though.

My favorite games were River Raid 2 and Solaris.


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My favorite was pitfall. When the game came in you could push the joystick right and never stop running. All of the alligators and ropes would be perfectly timed all you had to do was execute the jumps perfectly. Finish the game in exactly 20 minutes. It was such a rush.


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I do not remember that one. Will look up. I saw a great documentary on the 2600 game E.T. That game almost put them out of business. In the documentary the filmmaker went to a landfill and dug up the E.T. games that Atari dumped.
I remember a friend had E T. It was horrible.