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At what temperature are you hot and cold?


Please provide temps in both C and F for all users.

Basically what temperatures do you really hate when it comes to cold and heat.

I find this interesting for people all over the world, as I know a lot of British people who's idea of hot is quite cool to me, yet the type of cold they have is something I can't even imagine.

In Summer I usually start to feel the heat when it gets above 35C(95F) and I hate it when we have days up to 43C(110F). Anything above that just kills me. Last Summer we actually had a heatwave of something like 8 days above 40, not fun.

As for cold I start to feel cold when it's under 10C(50F) and anything under 5C(41F) is basically freezing for me haha.


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For me it varies, depending on a lot of factors (humidity, what my body's adjusted to, how much clothes I'm wearing).

If I'm bundled up, I can deal with temperatures a bit below 32 F (0 C) without much problem. If I'm not bundled up, then I'm probably suffering. As far as high temperatures, it really varies. I start disliking it around 75 F (~24 C) depending on how my body is acclimated. But I don't start really hating the weather until around 90 F (32 C). The worst I've been in was about 120 F (49 C) (although I'm not sure, because I was told different temperatures by different sources).
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Free Spirit
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For me its according to the humidity. If its humid I start getting uncomfortable around 80F {28C} but if the humidity is low I'm okay with it being a little warmer. Anything below freezing make me uncomfortable if I am out in it too long and not bundled up or working.


It's not me, it's you.
Due to the humidity here, I get hot, miserable and sweaty around 80F 26C. When the humidity isn't so bad I can do around 90F 32C. As long as I don't sweat, I feel ok with the heat. I just hate sweating. Recently I was in Arizona and they had temps of 100F 37C that I felt comfortable at, because it was a dry heat and I wasn't sweating.

I start getting cold at around 60F 15C.


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It's rarely humid in the UK. If it was, my temps would probably be lower.

Perfect warm outdoors temperate for me is around 22c (72F) if there is a breeze. Anything a few (c)/several (f) degrees over that is bordering too hot but it depends on if I'm being active or not.

As for when I get too cold, well, it changes depending on season context. In the winter, I'm happy for anything above freezing... so I don't feel the cold as much. Probably around 10c (50f) is cold... but it doesn't bother me at all as long as I can have a coat. It definitely has to get below freezing for it to be too cold for me to stop going outside. I went for jogs in the snow in a tshirt this winter.


Sally Twit
Exactly the same temperatures as stated by Bex for me. I definitely feel hot in the early 20's.
Having a car helps in all types of weather I find. I have hot and cold air at my fingertips.


Creeping On You
I prefer anything in the range -20C and +15C LOL, this is about -4F to +60F lawl. At the lower of that range and the height of that range, things like the wind and humidity can cause me discomfort lmao. lol. If I'm somewhere where I can pinpoint the temperature with a control, I would definitely leave it at +10C lol rofl roflmfao


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anything below 85F (29.4C) is cold to me. I'm cool with mid 90s (~35C). Heck about a week and a half ago it was 100F (37.7C) and 123F (50.5C) with humidity down here. Fun times :/ 123F is a bit much due to the stickiness of the humidity.