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at what age..



Piccolo said:
Yet you lost your virginity when you were 11, that sure seems like you wanted to be treated differently then. Where was your intelligence when you lost your virginity at that age anyway?

Edit: That is not a flame.
okay that should not even count cause it wasn't with a guy it was with my roomate's friend  who happend to be a girl

honestlly i did not know what was thinking i though it would be okay cause it was with anthor girl


Piccolo said:
The age in which you start exploring others sexually depends on many factors, how you were raised for one, where you were raised, who raised you, etc. It is not always a way to gain attention, sometimes it just seems right to people to start early.

I also fail to see how I am a time bomb.
Someone says something and we wait until you post then BAM! A big argument over what an opinion is started. But I will give you that you stick to what you believe in.

Anonym0uz Bitch

I always comment, and considering I am the mod of these boards I will comment on them.