at what age..



everywhere, i see people hooking up at like the age of about 7. at what age should a person get a girlfriend of a boyfriend?
When they decide cooties aren't real unless it's another name for aids. xD

I think when they think they can handle the stress and reality of a relationship. Or at about the age of 13 and up...maybe a bit younger depending on the maturity.


I think it really matters on maturity. If your ready for it...

I've had sex a few times so far. Im only 14. It's a fun thing, but attaches you HARD to that person. Then when the breakup comes it tears you apart inside. So it really depeonds on if your ready for a reltionship or not.
It all depends on what type of dating you are talking about. There are so many types of dating, and as you get older it gets more seriouse. So as far as I'm concered there is no correct age. Let the kid learn as he/she grows. The more you date the more you learn about capatability, and the more you learn about compromise.


i think it would be kool at probably at nearly post middle school range. like around mayby 14 or so. just as long stuff is healthy and reasonable.


I agree that there are different times of dating. My sister who is a year younger than me dated in middle school but I think it was more of just being friends. Once you get into highschool the relationship can become more serious and meaningful. The age that one should start dating should be between middle school and highschool. Any time before that and it's more of them being just really good friends.
People generally like to start dating around 13. I dont have a problem with that. However, relationships usually equate to sex w/ most people. Wouldn't want to encourage the young-ins to do the nasty

~Milady Kaoru~

Yuck ><

Who in their right mind would want to have sex at such a young age?
~Milady Kaoru~ said:
Yuck ><

Who in their right mind would want to have sex at such a young age?
I had sex for the first time before JHS. + I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one in my grade @ the time. I hear the kids in my old elementry school are still getting caught with their pants down. It's just something that happends.