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At the stadium or on TV?


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Ok so you like sports. Your favorite players will be in the game. But now what do you do? Should you grab the remote grab some popcorn and sit in the recliner or would you rather call your friends up and get some tickets to see the game? You can go as long as your mother does not tell you no . you have some gardening to do in her back yard over the weekend. Yeah your mother still likes to tell you what to do. But mothers are just that way sometimes. Sure she will understand . go with your friends to the game.

You can make some fun signs to bring with you. Buy some sodas. Buy some hot dogs and peanuts. Yell and jump around for your favorite team.:lol:

Ok so we get the picture the difference between watching a game on TV or going out to see a game live. So that is what I would then like to ask . do yo prefer to watch sports on TV or would you have more fun or prefer to see the game live? What reasons do you prefer to follow the game this way?

Ok I guess one can say they follow it online. It will count pretty much as watching on TV. So whether you just want to lay down on the couch or hopping up and down the stairs at the stadium it’s the game and the sport you like. Now its time to play ball or any sport for that matter. The better your explanation the more others can understand ones reasoning of preference one over the other.


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My favourite sport is boxing, and as much as I like watching the big title fights I do only watch them on the TV.
The two main reasons for this are.
The price of a ticket to a big name fight is high, and then with the price of travel on top it just adds up way to fast,also most of the title fights for ghe heavyweight division, the main promotions all centre the fights in the states, so no way I could do that.

Secondly you can pay for your ticket to see a title fight,the travel, watch the few undercards and then the main event comes up, the thing with boxing is its not like other sports, in football and other sports you have a set time the game is played, in boxing you also have this,10,or twelve rounds.

The thing is in boxing if the ends in the first round it's over, I remember people paying huge sums to watch Tyson in his prime,it was a lot of money for three minutes,lol.
They don't tend to put other fighters on after the main event, so unlike football where you will be watching for the entire time, boxing can be over way faster than the allotted timetable.

Watching on the TV takes that away, as if it's a scheduled programme the station will find fillers to fill that time slot.

I have been to fights and do enjoy the atmosphere, but I just don't think the money is worth it.


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If somebody handed me free tickets to a sporting event, then I would attend every time over watching on TV at home. The only reason I don't go to more live sporting events is mostly because of cost and travel distance to see my favorite team play. Even if the view of the action is better on TV, there is absolutely nothing like being there in person, hearing the roar of the crowd, and soaking up the atmosphere.


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If somebody handed me free tickets to a sporting event, then I would attend every time over watching on TV at home. The only reason I don't go to more live sporting events is mostly because of cost and travel distance to see my favorite team play. Even if the view of the action is better on TV, there is absolutely nothing like being there in person, hearing the roar of the crowd, and soaking up the atmosphere.
^^ This.

My favourite sports are Rugby Union and Formula One. It will take me a very long time to save up to see a F1 race, tickets get quite expensive, and if I ever went to one abroad it would be even more expensive. The home ground of the rugby team I support is about a 2 hour drive away, so the cost of ticket, travel and accommodation would add up, and there are no teams local to me they may end up playing. I would love to go to a match or race, just to support my team in person and experience the atmosphere would be amazing! I always end up following online and on the TV though, but I love to be able to go to matches/races every week if I could.


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I've seen many Astros games and Spurs games live, and a couple of Cowboys games. I love being there live, hearing the roar of the crowd, the cheering, eating there and drinking a beer, the experience is a lot of fun. I do love watching on TV also, especially as Wolf said, a boxing match. I will always prefer watching boxing on TV.


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I love football and I am a member of my team in Melbourne, Melbourne Victory and I go to every home game we have in the state including Derby games. I prefer to watch it in the stadium because I've got amazing seats.

Food prices don't bother me because I always grab a pint and some food in the pub before the game.


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Maybe I'm in the minority, but most of the time I'm happy not just for the live aspect, but because I don't have to listen to the shitty commentators or watch the same four commercials on a loop.


I'll take watching it on TV over seeing it live 9 outta 10 times. I've seen three of the four major sports live and I'm glad I did. It's definitely an experience and something I had a lot of fun doing. But I really enjoy being able to watch replays and rewind and pause when I have to take a bathroom break.


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I prefer the TV by far over going to see it live...

I have been to live boxing, hockey and baseball.

For many reasons these are the ones that make me stay home over going to see live..
Seating most of the time was just bad.. couldn't really see too well..
Trying to leave the traffic was horeendous and usually took about amn hour or more to at least get to a main street that could get me out of traffic..

Also when you need to use the restroom the lines were out the door..

Reasons to stay home..
I can use the restroom during the commercials..
I can grab as many snacks as I want without hurting my pocketbook..
I can have a better view with instant replay action..
And when there are review calls I am able to see better if the call was good or not..

I am not in a crowd so I'm not claustraphobic and I can't stand noise
always get a headache.. Besides who would want to go to a live event without a friend or 2..
Just maybe they could not afford to go so you stay and watch it on Tv with them..


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Outside a of a dog or a cat sometimes a TV can be a man’s best friend. And why is that?. . because the husband can ask his wife to make him something to eat and she just may say I am in the middle of this art project so go make your self a sandwich. But with a TV set whenever you push the buttons it listens to you. :lol:

I prefer the TV set than live events by far. Only have been to a couple of baseball games and 2 wrestling events. The one at the Cow Palace was hard to see as the rail was partly blocking my view. Plus when the crowd got excited they would start to run up to the front trying to see their favorite wrestler. But at the Oakland Coliseum wrestlemania 2 was on a large screen. Do you know I did not miss any of that at all?. .

Their was some boxing match between Mr. T and Bob Orton or Roddy Piper. I don't remember that well. . Hulk Hogan against King Kong Bundy. I believe in this match Hulk had picked up King Kong holding him sideways as it was merely impossible to pick him up above his shoulders. He slammed him down and I don't remember what he did after that. But I did see that when he hit King Kong head on the stair it was an act. Because Bundy used something to make him look like he was bleeding. Because his head did not totally hit the stairs. But it is usually a good thing because that would not be a good way to live a career.

On TV I have the feeling like I am right on the field almost as if I am just ten to twenty feet away from the pitcher. Don’t miss any ball or any hits. In football it is so helpful to watch these replays as others had mention.

However at a horse track I like to see the horses run by. It's still hard to see what has won at times. . I am still pretty satisfied with a satellite coverage. By the way I am not serious a gambler. If I had ever done this the most I had ever spent is twenty five dollars because I would only play two dollar races. .

I saw the match when Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson. Tyson was not ready for this. Too confident perhaps. And then he suddenly went haywire and got arrested for abuse or something like that. Boxing is better on TV. The camera is a tad bit above the shoulders as you can see all their stepping as well.

I think kick boxing should be just as popular. I think we would see more contenders if they can also use their feet because some are better at kicking then then are hitting. That allows a dual way to to win. Put someone like Van Damme in there and you have a good TV fight.
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