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At the office..alone or with other people?


How do you prefer to work at the office? Alone or with other people?
How many people would it be acceptable for you to work with, inside an office?


I prefer NOT to be alone. I want to have at least 1 or 2 people who work with me. I get bored when I'm alone so I like the company of as many people as possible.
Last week I changed office and currently I'm working alone. I dislike this fact very much because I feel lonely all by myself [lol] that's why hopefully I get to work with someone else as soon as possible.


Sally Twit
I'd love to work alone but I have to work in a team. There have been a lot of times where I've wanted to go and sit in an office on my own but they don't allow it.

I am in a team of 5 other people but we all sort of do our own thing.


Registered Member
I like both. Sometimes, the peace and quiet can be nice, but sometimes I enjoy the conversation. I think I prefer an office full of people - always someone to talk to, or a conversation to listen in on!


Embrace the Suck
I love being alone in the office. Many times during the day I'll shut the door to my office just so I can feel alone in here.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I work in a cubicle with other people around. We're only eight in total in our branch so it's not all that bad. I have my space and privacy so it doesn't bother me. I like working alone, but working in a team doesn't bother me all that much, but it's very rare that I do it.


Where is my Queen?
I have my own office at this time, and I always keep the damn door shut. Usually when I have it open people come in and complain why I denied this, why I approved that, blah...blah...blah... So I have my office sealed shut and I exit out of the back now. Also I don't have to pretend to work anymore, I can just take a nap.


I can just take a nap.
LOL Don't get me talking about naps. That's the only disadvantage when working with other people. I remember taking many naps this past Winter because I would turn the heater on and that would put me to sleep.
I felt embarrassed because my co-workers used to always notice it.
The part I used to hate about all this was when my friend would say loudly:
"Are you sleeping..?"


Registered Member
I prefer to be alone, and thankfully, that is how it is most of the time, when I am working. I call it my "cubby". It's quite small, but it does the job for me. But I don't stay in there, I have to do what needs to be done in the library and stuff. But sometimes, I am asked to be a sub teacher for a class, and then of course, I am with a large group of loud chitlings *haha

Chitlings = children, of course.


aka ginger warlock
In almost every job I have worked in I have worked in an open plan office and to be fair I don't mind this or working with people. The only thing that does annoy me is when people can't take the hint and won't leave you alone.

I used to for instance work an broadband support desk that stayed open until midnight, it could be okay because usually calls would drop off after 10.30 so I used to read books in between calls but the problem was despite having a book open in my lap or in front of my face people would still come and talk to me but I was always to rude to turn around and say "sorry but I really want to read this, can you leave me alone for just a little while?" because I felt it was rude.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I've come to notice that sometimes when nobody is around me I tend to get a lot more done. I don't think it's my preference per say but for some reason that's been the case in the past. I sit around 6 people and honestly it doesn't bother me either way.