At the moment.

It's not exactly easy to write this because many people don't believe me.
But, I'll go ahead and say it. For the first time in 14 years I've actually been scared about something. I've been messing around in school to much and I'm scared I'll not get a job. I'm not very clever and I've got learning problems. (Dyslectic) And, Well. I find it hard to concentrate in lessons. I spend most of my time on the computer socializing with other people. Because when I try and socialize with people it always end me doing crime. Without my father It's also very hard. I've never brought my P.E kit to school and like I said before. I don't participate in any school lessons.

Do you think I can get a better education in a year and a half?
It depends on how hard you work. I wont lie to you, your situation is far from ideal. I never encountered this in my 15 years of life because my mom was always strict about school. I can relate to the "no father" thing, it isnt fun. My only suggestion is to work as hard as you can without killing yourself, set a realistic goal for yourself and ask yourself if what you are doing is enough to help you reach this goal. If the answer is no, then perhaps change what you are doing.
Best of luck in life.


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I'm assuming your 14 Unfaithful? May be a stupid question, but I just want to be clear :lol:

Simply put: you're young. You probably hate that answer but let me explain. Most kids your age are not going to be able to concentrate very well. This is a point in life where you learn perseverance. Keep your future in mind but not in the front. You are only 14 after all, a career is not something you should be fully concerned with just yet. Some people don't figure out what they want in their lives until they're on their death beds! Not to scare you or anything, I just want you to know you're not alone in this.