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At&t to acquire t-mobile usa


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I sign up with T-Mobile to get away from AT&T. Now I'm going to get stuck with AT&T again. Fuck you people, seriously.


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Out here (in Colorado) most people are on Sprint and Verizon, T-mobile and AT&T aren't by any means the most popular.

That's still rather unfortunate for people on T-mobile because I do hear that AT&T sucks bad from the people I know that use them.

I have Sprint, I get service wherever I go (including everywhere in the mountains basically)
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So how many carriers are left in the US? I hate it when I don't have choice. Thank God monopoly laws keep it from merging even more.


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I have T-Mobile and I'm not happy about this either. I am considering switching to Sprint though, if they are still around after all of this. How is AT&T able to do this with the current anti-monopoly laws we have?


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Probably because there are still other options out there. I have Verizon so this doesn't affect me at all. I hate when huge companies buy up their competition though. Less competition is usually bad for the consumer.


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I have Verizon and I'm happy with it. I'm glad it wasn't part of the merger and even if AT&T surpasses Verizon now, it's not going to affect most of my area. Here, hardly anyone had T-Mobile and AT&T is not that popular. Verizon and U.S. Cellular have been the top 2 in my area. I don't ever have plans to switch from Verizon.