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Asylum Seekers given Ankle Bracelets


Free Spirit
Staff member
"It's an ankle monitor here, it's time in detention there, it's a for-profit prison case manager who's now going to follow you on your day-to-day life," says Ryan, director of RAICES, a nonprofit in San Antonio that helps unauthorized immigrants. "It's a continuous, pervasive pressure that is being put on these women, constantly reminding them that they are not welcome here."

I don't understand people thinking they can just enter a country illegally and nothing should be done to detain or deport them. In that process of course someone is going to make a profit off of it.

You would think we were forcing them to come and stay here then imprisoning them.



Registered Member
From the OP article.
"It makes me ashamed, because they only put them on criminals, and I'm not a criminal YET," says Carolina Menjivar...
Imo "YET" speaks volumes. Those people come from countries with massive corruption and massive crime rates. They should be suspect.
I hear people scream "discrimination" but sometimes I wonder how much is really discrimination and how much is just self-defense.

They are here ILLEGALLY. Entering a country without a passport IS A CRIME. If they dont want to be treated like criminals then they should go home and apply for passports.