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anyone take it? I am going to take it monday week and some people say that I should study. I took the ACT for college and made a 26. Anyone have any advice?


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I took it in high school. But I never got my score. I dunno if it just never came in the mail or what. Around that time I took it was when I was moving so I'm sure thats probably what happened.


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The ASVAB is for the military. If you want them to call you non stop, study your general things from school. Algebra, reading comprehension, science, geometry. Otherwise, fail on purpose and they won't call.

The test only goes up to a perfect 99. I took it last year and got a 92 with being out of school for two years, smoking pot for about a year up to that, and not studying. And I think to get into the military, you need a score of like 35.
Yes- Hiei is right. it's for the military - the score is...i can't remember if it's 33 or 35- but somewhere in there.

I took it during school, didn't study, didn't know about it until the day of (i was never in class for announcements...actually i was never in class period :p) And I got a..72 I think.

I still get calls from the military from time to time after repeated 'no thanks'.

It's easy. The only parts some people don't know, is like, the electrical and motors/engines and such.
But those sections are to see what your MOS - the job you specialize in - should be.

And isn't a 26 a perfect score on the ACT??! (I never took the ACT or SAT) butt yea- i think it is- don't even bother to study IMO.
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my bologna has a 1st name
a 36 is a perfect act score...

i think i will drop by barnes a noble and just sit and read a little...not cram but scan...
Raye, they have both short and long practice asvab tests that you can take online before the actual test.
The required passing score is low, but the higher the number the more job choices you have if you decide to sign up.


my bologna has a 1st name
well im not to worried, just trying to be as responsible as possible....
if everyone said study i would prob go hard core study, but since not I'm not too worried. Like I said I scored a 26 on my act and in college took advanced english and math, although that was 2 years ago...

I have to take the asvab because in sept I am going to be going army... :)