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Assumptions on Fans


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"What you mean you still watch it? You know it's fake right? It's not real, you do know that right? Why are you wasting your time on it?' - a lot of peoples reactions when you tell them you are a wrestling fan.

It has been said by a few people that Wrestling fans are the lowest of the low. That on the totem pole of sport we are bottom rung last. We know it's dumb right? Well to that I say look at this years Mania attendance. Look at the 200 people I saw at the last indie show I went to, that might not be many but we are passionate proud and yes indeed, loud.

We as fans have a stigma, it's just the way that it is, it comes with the territory in the same way that there is a stigma against people who watch reality TV, I don't watch reality TV, if I want reality I will go out of my front door and see the reality. But with that being said I would never slag anyone off for watching it and yet it seems okay that we are chastised for it, why is that? What is that angers people so? Does it bother you in any way? Do you care? Do you react?


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I've stopped being bothered by this a long time ago. I've never been ashamed of telling someone I'm a wrestling fan. Everyone around me knows that I'm the biggest wrestling fan there is. No one never even taunted me about it.

But to answer your question, I think that what bothers people the most about us is the fact that contrarily to them, we're capable of accepting that pro wrestling is exactly what is shown to us: basically, an extreme staged performance depicting something as old as time itself: good vs evil. People can't accept that it doesn't bother us that "this isn't real." They can't accept that we're taking pro wrestling for what it is. We know what we're expecting when we gather around with friends to watch a 3-hour PPV or attending an indy event. I've always thought that people thinking that we're idiots for watching wrestling truly are the idiots for thinking that we don't know it's scripted.

Whenever someone asks me: "Wrestling is so fake!", I answer "So was your girlfriend's orgasm last night." Or something to that effect.


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I gave up years upon years ago trying to justify to anyone why I watch wrestling. I can't convince them otherwise and they can't convince me why I shouldn't watch it


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I'm with the majority here. I don't wrestling is anymore fake or nerdier than say, Star Trek. I usually don't advertise that I watch it, though, Not outta shame or anything, but just because most people can already tell that I watch it through my Facebook posts and my gaming history. The only friends I have left that actually still actively watch wrestling are the fellas I've met here at PM, everyone else IRL kinda stopped watching after the Attitude Era died. Therefore I don't have a whole lot of people to discuss things with. My brothers will watch a PPV or two with me from time to time but that about it. Oh and my boyfriend watches it pretty religiously, but he's more of an indies guy.


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I just laugh at it at this point. I used to get mad about it, but it's just not worth it anymore. We all know it's scripted, but we also what these wrestlers put their bodies through, and the hectic schedule they have. Really gifted athletes.
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It's because both wrestlers and wrestling fans alike act so convinced in what they do that they appear stupid to people who don't get it. It's just like theater except it's a play where the actors are trying to convince the audience that it's NOT a play. Like....... it's made to look really really real and hurtful, but at the same time, in the mind it's intended to be the exact opposite. Most people cannot deal with such an extreme contradiction being shoved in their faces, and they fail to get that it's that exact same contradiction that makes wrestling what it is as an art form. If it was totally and admittedly real, then it wouldn't be art. If it was totally fake and admittedly fake, then it wouldn't be art. But it is a whole lot of fakeness being made to LOOK real, so it is art. It is art IN the contradiction, therefore, it confuses people very easily. And they take it out on fans.

And then on the other side of the token, some fans don't think this deeply about it in the first place and just like it because it's there and convenient, and they don't care what or why they're seeing anything just as long as people look like they're getting hurt. Those fans TEND to make the rest look bad, and amplify the already-confused non-fans who already don't get it as it is.


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People who made fun of wrestling never really bothered me to be honest...especially at my age, it came during the Attitude ERA. The funny thing about all this, I never heard a legitimate reason to be made fun of.


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It bothered me to an extent, but nowadays it doesn't bother me at all. Amongst my friends and coworkers, I am basically identified as the wrestling fan guy. (3 trips halfway across the world to see Mania will earn you that reputation.) but I no longer get chastised for it. In fact, if someone I know happened to catch a wwe show on tv, they come to me to chat about it because no one else would be able to carry a conversation. Most non-wrestling fans I know are aware, nowadays, that we are smart to the fact that wrestling is scripted and yet, some of them still don't understand why we love it so.

If anything, I feel sorry for people who aren't wrestling fans. They're missing out on a lot. They'll never understand how people that meet for the very first time at a wrestling show can instantly bond. They'll never feel the pure joy we get when we sing a wrestler's entrance song as they make their way to the ring. They'll never feel that pride we have when Rock's movies break records and we think "we had him first". They'll never get the satisfaction or understand the Shakespearean story being told through a great wrestling match. They'll never appreciate the historic moment when the streak was broken. Hell, they'll never feel the pooowwwaaaahh!

So I'd say don't be mad at non-wrestling fans, just think of all we get to experience that they never do.