Assassins Creed


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I'm currently playing the game at the moment, and it's a pretty well done game.

The graphics are nice, the story is cool, and the gameplay is mint.



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I found the first one too repetitive, but the second one which I am playing now is way better, story line is better and there is heaps more to do.


The Rock is cooking atm..
Yeah I'm playing through trying to assassinate the 4th dude in number 1, and it's pretty much the same in every city.

You interrogate, pickpocket and eavesdrop to activate the assassination. There are side missions too, like saving citizens, climbing viewpoints, which are pretty fun I guess.


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I tried finishing the 2nd game a few weeks ago, but I stranded. That game is friggin huge, maybe even too big for my liking..

The environments are sweet, so are the characters and the plot is pretty solid as well. Nevertheless, it tends to drag on and on and on :shifteyes:


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I really liked the first one. For me, it was something different to your normal action games which involve guns, they can get boring easily.

I still dont know whether to get the new one. Is it actually that different to the first? or is it almost the same?


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Yeah the first AC is extremely repetitive. The second is much better.


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Unfortunately, you can't go back and replay any plot related memories in the new one. Unless they fixed that in some DLC or something.


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I'm up to the 6th assassination. God running away from the guards to get back to the Assassins Bureau is an annoying task, especially when you've got them out of view point, and as soon as you make a dive for the haystack or something, bang they see you again, it gets annoying.

The fighting isn't so bad either, gotta love doing sweet combos haha.

I will get the 2nd game eventually once I beat the first one.


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I loved the environment it had. There was plenty of things to see and that made it a really cool Experience.

The only downfall I saw in the first one was that the missions were completely repetitive. I mean you're doing the same thing over and over and over. That killed the replay value to me in a significant way. Hell by the second to last stage I was basically bored out of my mind from doing the same things over and over.

The ending to the first was pretty stupid though