Assassins Creed II


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Has anyone played this yet?

I just got it yesterday and have only played it for a few hours so far but this one is way better than the first one. It isn't repetitive like the first and there is heaps more you can do in this and a better constructed storyline.


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What I don't like about this one is that, unlike the first, once you've completed the game, the only way to go back and do a specific point in the story is to start a new game. Come on, you're telling me that this superior version of the Animus can't allow you to replay the memories? BOLLOCKS!

Also, in regards to the flying machine?
Only one part of the game does it come into play. And it's too damn short. Yeah, all that hype for a 3 - 5 minute section that you can't easily replay. Thanks Ubisoft...


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Im really enjoying the game, but i haven't finished yet, im still in Venice, even so i have more than 40h of gameplay, mostly exploration and stuff.


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It's a good game, but sometimes the missions are tedious - i'm playing the games to get the mask, can't i just steal it off some other guy?


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I haven't played this all that much, I just made it through the first assassination. I like it a lot better than the first one.


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So i just bought this one. I know this is an Epic almost year old bump now... but I assume now is probably the best time to ask those who ate up AssCreedII (Fuck I love saying that).

Anything I can expect that may not have been from the first one? Anything worth mentioning?

Pardon my excitement :hah:


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I just got it not too long ago, actually.

I have really enjoyed it so far...and I'm looking forward to finishing it and getting Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.

-This one is so far more enjoyable than the first, as the repetitiveness of the story is gone (not that this bothered me at all, but it bothered others)
-The assassin can freaking swim, unlike the first one. There were many a time I died trying to get a flag that was floating near the water.
-Addition of different assassin garb, weapons, armor, assassination methods, blending methods. There is nothing I hated more than getting chased just because I was riding a freaking horse. Come on. Also, I hated holding down the stupid A button to blend in the prayer pose. The new groups of people they added to blend with are way more awesome.
-New weaponry is cool, namely the smoke grenades I freaking love, so far. I didn't get those until some time into the game.

I just feel that they did a bang up job with the 2nd one as compared to the first. I do not know of anything hugely annoying in it besides the big brutish guards that you can't fight normally with just a regular sword.


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I was a bit clueless when I played this for the first time. Probably because I hadn't played Ass Creed I first. But when I got into it it was a really nice game.

It's just cool to be a bit like Jack the Ripper I guess :) What I most enjoyed though was the plot and the puzzles (which were pretty hard sometimes). And getting money to buy equipment and city expansions.
What I liked less was that when I finished the game I tried to collect all the feathers, but it's a real pain in the ass to find every single one of them. I used a map I found online with the locations on it, but I still had trouble finding all of them and not overlooking one.