Assassins Creed 2 Site Launched


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Little while ago I found that Ubisoft has launched its teaser site for the next Assassins Creed game, which can be found here.


What's available at the moment is not much. A few drawings and scribblings are shown, recognisable symbols, Da Vinci's Virtuvian Man, and a part x-ray of an assassin's arm, hidden blade included.

What is interesting to note is what's available after the teaser. I haven't tried this on the UK website, but by mirroring the screen afterwards, the words "Game Informer" followed by a date is shown, probably hinting at a first look?

Secondly, by clicking on the symbol in the middle, it comes up with a PDF of the symbol. By printing this out, then clicking on the Animus symbol to the left, you will get a bunch of boxed that can be clicked on, showing you your webcam input. Click the first one, hold up the printed symbol, and the website will show a picture of Altier's arm.

Thus far, however, this is the only box that will work. Trying the symbol on the other boxes results in the website saying the symbol is not valid, and other symbols from the game do not work.


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This is going to be exciting to wait for, the first game was hands down the best game that came out for the year it did. It was so in depth with the graphics and story line, I wonder how they're going to follow it up with a second installment?



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Unless graphics have improved by leaps and bounds between then and now, I think the only thing that will change is a few of the more annoying investigation stages, possibly a completely new investigation system altogether. As for story, most likely they'll focus on the animus again, this time having Desmond reliving Altier's fight against the Templars after the death of the 8th Templar. There will possibly be sections where you control Desmond, and I beleieve that, considering the evidence given in Assassins Creed, it will be likely that we see Desmond slowly change into Altier throughout the game. He already has Altier's intuition, so it's likely we'll see him gain a few more abilities as time goes by.

Though, how he's meant to get out of the Abstergo building, I don't know, maybe his new found intuition comes in here.


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The ending of the first game left me grumpy... I really hope the second game answers all the questions the first game left, and DOESN'T bring up new ones right before the credits >.>


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i get the impression from the ending of the first game that alot of shit is gonna go down in Desmond's time rather than Altier's...that might be interesting.
Just had a thought...maybe Desmond will be going back through the Animus as another one of his ancestors...that could be cool
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Just had a thought...maybe Desmond will be going back through the Animus as another one of his ancestors...that could be cool
I'm just wondering how that would fuck with the whole "You're turning into Altier" thing. Would he lose his eagle vision? Would he end up as Aliter and this other bloke?