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Now this is a random topic, but I was thinking about this the other day.

Why does the death of John Lennon is considered an Assassination and not a murder, why is the death of John F. Kennedy considered an assassasination and not a murder.

So the thread here, why are certain people deaths considered an assassination and not simply a murder.

Assassination is the murder of a public figure or high-profile person, so that's why it's always referred to as assassination in the cases of Lennon and JFK. :nod:

Usually the victims are targeted by hired professionals, which is why these people who kill them are 'assassins' and not simply murderers.
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It is the same thing, but John Lennon and John F. Kennedy which I used as examples because there's many more are considered being assissinated and not murdered when you hear about talk, or tell someone how they died. You don't hear people say they got murdered you hear them say they got assissinated.

That's why I asked the question.
Shooting_thing said:
Isn't Assassination and Murder the same thing? lol
Assassination and murder are both murder, but assassination is more specific in that it involves...wait... am I repeating myself here, yes I believe so. :lol:


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Assassination is a type of murder. It's generally done to high profile targets by a skilled killer. It often has a political/religious/ motive.


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Assassination is a form of murder. The difference is that murder is usually constituted as intentionally causing the death of another; assassination is the same thing, but is usually done so for a specific motive which is usually furtherment of a particular goal, be it political or otherwise. The term is indeed usually used when the victim is high-profile, but it is not necessarily so.

It's confusing because murder can be used to further a specific goal too, but that's the general difference. Assassination usually has specific goal achievements in mind.


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That's why if you're going to be murdered, you want to be assassinated. That means you were an important person or at least a major threat to someone.


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I've always felt that the difference is that an Assassination is a Murder with Ramifications that effect a wider group of people than that of just the Friends of Family of the Victim.

For instance John Lennon, John F. Kennedy, Ghandi, and other figures that have been "assassinated" all had major effects outside of just those individuals families.


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Alright to continue this thread. How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?