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Quite simple really, what are your aspirations?

Where do you see your life in years to come, married, rich,a family, will you be a tramp? Even death...........Spill the beans on what you envisage your life to be like in years to come. :D


still nobody's bitch
I hope to be working as an OB/GYN nurse within the next five years, and be more financially stable as a result.


Sally Twit
I'd like to be married to Syndicate with two children. I'd like to become a councellor, earning a nice wage and living in a nice house.
I'm not going to go as far as to planning my own death though.


scientia potestas est
To have graduated with my masters in Library Sciences. Have a good paying job, live somewhere i love. Also to find that someone that completes me and get married and have kids.
depends how many years you mean i guess :shifteyes:

at some point i'd like to have graduated from university with a psychology degree, have a well paying job in that profession, my own home with someone i love (but not married), and a bernese mountain dog :nod:

also, i know its not an aspiration as such, but when im older i really hope im still in touch with my 3 closest friends

another also: id love to have travelled to all the states in the USA by the time im a certain age... got quite a lot done already :D


Everything goes.
Tangible aspirations: I'd love to see my business flourish since it involves my passion, and I would be able to help my loved ones financially. I'd love to be able to live an upper middle class life. eg. nice car, excellent education for my kids who don't exist yet, some silly materialistic things like an excellent T.V., good clothing for myself and my partner etc.

Intangible: Just get rid of my inner guilt and truly be at peace within myself.


Living on the 0th floor
I'd like to have a career in Radiation Therapy... and be able to support myself.. and have dogs =) Marriage would be nice, but not necessary. Death... Well, I wouldn't call that an aspiration