ASP Rocks!


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I've never used ASP myself, but I hear it is similar in syntax to PHP? Is this true? If somebody is fluent with PHP coding, will ASP be easy to pick up?
ASP is pretty similar to PHP. I feel that once you know one it's quite easy to pick up the other.
ie, to display a server-side variable in PHP, you would do something like (correct me if I'm wrong!):$bbprodinfo[title]

whereas in ASP you would do: <%=title%>.

Same logic-base, different tags...
ASP used to be the BIG dog a few years back, but I think most developers are moving to PHP ... from what I have heard, it is much better, but I'm no coder, so I cannot really say why....


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ASP is considered a more professional language, since it's created by Microsoft with the focus on big business. Most big corporate websites use ASP.

Your server needs to be running Windows in order for you to install ASP, however, which is one of the reasons that many people use PHP. For the longest time Windows servers were more expensive than Linux, but lately I've noticed they are almost the same price now, depending on where you shop.


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They are similar. It has been awhile since I have coded in ASP. Used vbscript for the coding. Functions are similar to Visual Basic function syntax. At least of what I can remember.
Well, I am a php kind of guy,

Microsoft or windows servers are still more expensive number one.

I like how easy it is to do mod-writes with .htaccess files

But yea, some do see Asp as a more "upper class" code....

PHP rocks:lol:


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I do php... Never really tried asp, although i got a few books on it. I got a windows server if any one wants to play with ;)