Asking for rides?


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This is similar to my borrowing money thread. Lets say you don't drive, and need a ride to go somewhere. Does it bother you asking someone for a ride? Especially if the person you ask is not going to that place with you?


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Not really, one of the great things about being a daddy's girl is that he'll come for me if i'm stranded ^_^.


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I never call anyone up and ask them to drive me somewhere. But if I'm going out with friends and need a ride then I'll ask if they can come get me. I've given my friends rides to the airport and stuff. I don't think it's a big deal to ask for a ride as long as it's not a frequent thing.


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I don't really ever have to ask for rides as I drive, but my friends are always asking me to drop them off places. Generally I don't mind, but one or two of them have started assuming i'll take them where they want to go. This really pisses me off. As long as i'm asked first then the answer will probably be yes. If I ever need a ride anywhere its usually because i'm drunk, and my friends don't mind as they're normally repaying the favour I do them.
I have my own car, but if I didn't then I probably wouldn't call up a mate and ask for a lift unless I was completly stuck and my parents weren't avaliable.

I've given a friend a few lifts when she needed it, even though I wasn't even going with her, just dropped her off and picked her up. I rarely do it though, nobody really asks.. mostly have their own cars.


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I absolutely hate riding in other peoples vehicles. I dunno what it is about it but wow, it just bugs the heck out of me. Probably has something to do with not being in control I dunno for sure.


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I do ask my friends for rides, but only very rarely. Also, if i know its out of their way, and their not coming with me to where ever i want to go, I'll try to scrounge up a little gas money for them, because they were kind enough to give me the ride.
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As a person who can no longer drive I hate asking for rides, half the time I will just walk or take the bus and if I can I will use my boards.
Back when I could drive it got under my skin when people were always asking me for rides.


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During the summer, I take the bus to the mall which is where I usually go. Other than that, I hate asking for rides. I wouldn't even call my family if I was stranded. I'd most likely end up calling my boyfriend for a ride home before either of my parents.