Asking for a Raise


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have you ever had to ask for a Raise before?

After working for the same company for 7 years now... I had to finally ask for a Raise for the very first time. Although I've gotten raises in the past, I've never had to ask for one.... unfortunately what with the Economy being as crappy as its been, I havent gotten a raise in about 2 almost 3 years.

I put in my request today for a Raise, hopefully it works out good for me and I get it. But it definitely proved to be a hard task to muster up my confidence, pride, and all the other stuff that wads up in your throat when you need to ask for help.

So what about you? Ever had any experiences with asking for a raise?


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Luckily i've never had to ask for a raise, but i'm not sure I would have the confidence to do it, or even the need to. I don't feel I do enough to earn my wage as it is, but the bosses do, so they automatically give me raises. Usually after I take a week plus off, they "realise how much I do around the place" and bump it up.


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Well a couple of years ago I told my manager I was looking for a new job because I wasn't happy with my salary and she sorted out a pay rise for me lol. I haven't asked for one since as I now have a new manager and if I told him the same thing he'd probably say "See you later!"


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While I have never asked for a raise, I've tried getting help with stuff that will get the raise. At arby's you have to be gold certified to get a significant raise... I have been with the company for two years now and I am certified in 6? of the 8 positions. I would love to get the rest, but it seems like my managers walk me in circles to get certified.

I want to work maintenance and they tell me my availability prevents that. This was said about a month ago. The only time I am not available is 3 or later on wednesday and thursday. They give me excuse after excuse, so now I don't really try. :/


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I've asked a few times and I always been uncomfortable asking for some reason, I don't know why because raises are normal in the working world but it's something you expect to get every year.

I'm just happy that I won't have to do it anymore, well till I change the company I work with, and personally I hope I don't change.
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I sort of asked for a raise. I was working at a retail store and I told the manager that I was leaving and she asked me why. I told her that I do alot of work around the store and I am not even getting paid that much for all the work i am doing. She told me that I am one of her best worker and wanted me to stay and gave me a raise.


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I once told one of my managers I would like a raise and he was like "what do I get out of this deal" and so I told him I'd sort the paperwork out and he was like "deal"

I asked in the job before that and they asked me why I should get one and I said "because I asked and because I work 36 hours in 3 days as well as doing two "normal" shifts. I got it :)


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I was told that in Feb/March I would get a raise. It is now April and I have heard nothing therefore I have to ask which I am dreading. I cant put in a request. I have to have a meeting with the boss... very nerve wrecking!
I've been at this office just over a year. About 6 months after I started I discussed my pay with my boss and we came to a mutual agreement that would benefit me.
I just got another raise a little over a week ago because one of my co-workers left and my boss knew I'd be taking on more work. It was nice that I didn't have to prove to him that I was capable of handling it first.


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I haven't, but I received a sizable raise this year regardless because my company recognizes my hard work and my solid work ethic. I've been here about 2.5 years.

I think it's always positive when a company recognizes these things on their own without an employee having to ask for the raise at all. That's why I think my company's so amazing; I've always got what I need before I ever have to ask for it.

My husband did ask for a raise this year and he did get a little out of them, unfortunately not what he was asking for but it was better than a kick in the pants ;) Last year the company cut their salaries due to the economy so it was lucky he was able to get anything extra out of them at all I think.

I think the differences in my husband's and my jobs has a lot to do with how we receive raises. I work for a small company (60 people) where management knows everyone personally. My husband works for a huge corporation and he's closer to the bottom of the food chain; when the management-types come to visit they rarely even interact with the people, and all they know are production numbers in a database somewhere.

Thus I don't have to beg for raises, but he does. Makes sense really. When you're a name and a face with a life and a story, rather than just a number in a system, it makes a world of difference.