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Blessed with supernatural feng shui powers at the age of three, junior high school student Kanzaki Meirin is considered more superstitious than your average student--she insists on carrying a "lucky item" wherever she goes depending upon what her horoscope says for the day, and imposes her views on all of her classmates. This gets a little annoying for some, especially her long time crush (who she claims to be her "fated lover") Yuuki Asuka, who loudly protests any sentiments of fate or fortunetelling.

Little does anyone know that Meirin is actually "Dr. Rin," the famous feng shui master who maintains one of the most popular websites to date! Several of Meirin's classmates praise Dr. Rin for her practical advice, giving them success in their otherwise unlucky love lives. So why is it that Meirin's--or Dr. Rin's--advice works so well for everyone around her, but nothing seems to go well in her life?

Things get even more difficult for Meirin as a mysterious stalker begins sending Dr. Rin threatening e-mails, claiming to be her true "fated lover". She must follow his commands in order to prevent disaster from befalling Asuka and all of her friends!

Content Rating: G (nothing objectionable)