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Discussion in 'Music' started by lilbballfrk, Apr 10, 2006.

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    you know those unsigned artists (or the ones that aren't on TV 24/7) that make better music than the ones on TV? theres alot of them and their name should be heard. Name a few artists that deserve their name to be up here and a few of their best songs. *results may vary due to different opinions*

    I am the Avalanche - "My Next Beating"

    (i dont see them on as much anymore)
    Sum 41 - "Still Waiting"
    - "Over My head"
    - "Makes no Difference"
    - "Motivation"
    - "The Hell Song"
    - "Pieces"

    Unwritted Law - "Save Me"

    Too Sorry for Apologies - "I spell goodbye with 8 letters"

    Don't Die Cindy - "So Much for Secret Passwords"

    Granian - "Mark my words"
    - "On my Own"

  2. oxyMORON

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    Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams just kidding......

    Anberlin - Paperthin Hymm is pretty nice.
    Three DAys Grace has kind of faded I think
    The Fray - How TO Save a Life ...just a good song
    Lifehouse - Blind as well as some others
  3. I don't know many to be honest. The only underground artist I know is Tech N9ne. The funny thing about this is that he prefers to remain underground. You would understand how serious he is about this song he made called "Industry Is Punks".
  4. Blur

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    Papoose: WTF is a papoose, abc slaughter, new era, versatility
    Benefit: So sick, exact, supreme, midgets, super mario bros rap
    Krumbz: k.r.u.m.b.z., bananas, abc's, kontents under pressure, the only one
    Danger Doom: Mince meat, space hoes, benzi box
    Yukmouth: clap yo hands, hydro, cali Gz, circumstances, go hard

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