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Artist Hides in his artwork


Well-Known Member
That is pretty cool. I didn't see him in the bulldozer one either, I had to pause the video and really look for ages to see him (I don't have sound so if they pointed it out I didn't hear that.)


blue 3
Wow that is fantastic, I absolutely love it. That's really brilliant, but man showers must be a pain in the ass after that!


Registered Member
Heh, that's pretty interesting.

My favorite was him sitting in front of the road barrier.


Endangered Species
Ive "seen":rolleyes: this guy before. I remember this one and thinking, but I can clearly see him and then realising I can also still see the person behind him.



A Darker Knight
Cool! It's like he's invisible, until he moves an inch. You could pull some nice pranks with that.


Registered Member
What's his name? It was mentioned in the story, but I couldn't quite make out how to write it properly enough to find it on google. :stare:


Registered Member
That is really cool, my favourite was the bulldozer one, I have seen something like it in a film, think it was House of Cards with Tommy Lee Jones and Kathleen Turner back in the early 90's, a little girl paints herself like a tree and Jones's character cant see her untill she moves.

The pictures of the guard and the artist are very good as well.


New Member
Yeah that is pretty cool, I think I saw something on him not too long ago actually on one of those morning shows.