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Arthritis Or Not ???


Most nights I wake up and my hands feel like they are swollen (they're not swollen at all) and my fingers are very hard to move in fact sometimes I can barely move them at all and very very sore and I wonder if I have arthritis in my hands ??


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Yeppers, my guess is yes, old arthur is putting his spell on you. It's a part of our aging process, so the doctors say. I'd like to say fuck ole arthur! I sometimes have pain and stiffness in my knuckles on my hands. The knuckles at the ends of my fingers, where the fingers meet the palm as well as the knuckles in my fingers. I have them act up more so if I sit and use a crochet needle for too long.


still nobody's bitch
yeah that's what it sounds like. Do you take any supplements? You might want to take something like blue-green algae (comes in pill form), or evening primrose oil (comes in capsule form), both of which have anti-inflammatory properties.


Do you take any supplements?
Yeah I just started taking Glucosamine 250mg
Chrondroitin 200mg in one big pill which is easy to swallow so they say and I am supposed to take 2 pills twice a day but I am only going to take 1 a day.
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