~Artemis Fowl TPB and GN~


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all.

I just got into this book/series of Graphic novels. All I can say is wow. Mind Blowing.

Here is a bit about Artemis:

How does one describe Artemis Fowl?

Various phychiarists have tried and failed. The main problem is Artemis's own intelligence. He bamboozles every test thrown at him. He has puzzled the greatest medical minds and sent many of them gibbering to their own Hospitals.

There is no doubt that Artemis is a child prodigy. But why does someone of such brilliance dedicate himself to crimnial activities? This is a question that can be answered by only one person. And he delights in not talking.

Artemis can be found in TPB and can now be found in a new GN. The TPB are the continuious adventures of Artemis and the GN are the introduction to the Artemis legacy.

If you want a good read then check these books out.

BTW he is only 12 yr old boy wanted in both the worlds of human and fariy


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Hmm sounds interesting. So it's in the fantasy category?

I like these types of books. Is it manga?


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi ya.

Well it a Graphic Novel "Manga/Comicbook style", and it's also in fantasy/scifi Trade Paper Back and Hard Back book section.

I got introduced to Artemis as a Graphic Novel, but I just picked up a few of the paperback books on ebay. Can't wait for them to get here.

The art work in the GN is real nice and vivid.

I think you would enjoy Artemis Andrew.:nod: :D