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Many years ago I had a daydream and a nightdream about a fairy... Dunno where I thought her up or what prompted it, but it was a very specific scene in my head... a Fairy that was sitting next to a pool of water that had collected from a slow streaming river... She was just sitting there not really looking at anything in particular and she reached her hand out to touch the water not to feel the water but to watch what the effects of her touching the water would be... Like she had no idea... She was bathed in the light of a full moon with willow type trees surrounding her and the moon shone through her wings and made them perk.

Two years ago I attempted to draw her... no luck. I have no artistic talents when it comes to the pencil and paper or paint and canvas... While talking to a friend of mine online she sat and sketched while I told her my dream... What she sketched was the absolute same picture in my mind.. I asked her if she would please paint my dream... bring it to life for me.. Iris agreed. I also asked her to please give my dream a name...

It has taken her two years to paint this in oil to my satisfaction... Iris had to redo her many times. Though, not from my nit-pickiness but because of her own... I was very patient and tonight she PM-ed me and said SHE was complete... My dream is on canvas forever.

Her name is Midnight... and this is Midnight's Outing.



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I love fantasy art.....that is sooooooo cool!! I hope you don't mind that I saved it...blew it up...framed it....hahahahahah Just kidding