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Who are the most arrogant countries?

  1. USA

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  2. France

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  3. Great Britan

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  4. Germany

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  5. Russia

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  6. China

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  7. Iran

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  8. North Korea

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  9. Syria

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  1. Mr Casey

    Mr Casey Guest

    Everyone today accuses America of being the most arrogant country in the world. However, the very people who say it the most, ie the Europeans, are just as arrogant, thinking that they are superior to other countries ways. The Middle Eastern countries are just the same, and China and Russia join in too.

    Who do you feel is the most arrogant country in the world? Please explain why. (You can pick multiple countries if you feel so)

    I believe France is, claiming that America is inferior in messing with world politics, while their very own international mistakes (Africa in particular) are causing issues today.

  2. Corona

    Corona Registered Member

    Iran is methinks. Well perhaps not the whole country, but the leader definately. If he thinks he can challenge the U.S. and the U.N. he is either a fool, or he has a greater plan. (If he played an American attack right he could rally muslims even more to his cause. Also he could break us economically if we sink too much into another war.)
  3. Moiraine

    Moiraine Guest

    I would go with North Korea, especially during the period they were threating different countries with their weapons and making demands. Then again it depends on what criterea you use to judge what makes a country arrogant. I decided being a bully definitely shows arrogance and over confidence.
  4. Kazmarov

    Kazmarov For a Free Scotland

    Every country in the world is quite arrogant, simply because of a clash of cultures in which both think they are superior. In terms of which country is most brazenly so, NK is arrogant in its speech, while the US is arrogant in its attitutes. Isolationist states are inherantely arrogant because they reject cultural exchange, thinking their ways are pure and should not be tampered with.
  5. pikatore

    pikatore Registered Member

    When it comes to examining the governments in charge of the countries right now, I'd have no problem in choose America.
  6. I want to hear some real arguments about why one is truly more arrogant because otherwise, this discussion is primed for a shit-throwing contest.

    I think one reason the US is viewed as arrogant is because we are in the spotlight moreso than any other single country. Any flake of arrogance is seen by everyone.

    We're in the spotlight because of our size and power; most or all countries find us threateningly strong. I suppose it's a natural animal mechanism to view a threat as being consciously aware of its power and will to use it. I hate to quote Machiavelli but....Machiavelli said that a nation is like an animal, living to survive. I'm using this as a defense for said power or arrogance.

    Please don't confuse me for being a nationalist deuchebag.
  7. Icyblackflame

    Icyblackflame Registered Member

    I chose every last one of 'em. How can we say that one is more arrogant than another? Want to know why North Korea is? Pick up a history book. Want to know why Great Britain is? Pick up a histry book. Want to know why America is? Pick up a history book. Want to know why Syria is? Well...I have to pick up a history book for that country >.>

    My point is that every single country in the world (I would assume) has done something rediculous that could (today) be proven arrogant. Now, can I give them all complete blame? No. After all, many of them were doing what they thought was morally right, and it just happened to go against what we consider to be morally right (eck. I hate "right." "Correct" works better for me, but that's just being too picky >.>). I don't believe that there is a way to judge true moral correctnes. I mean, many things we do now weren't considered a bad thing bad way back when because our standards are different. Now we have random higher standards that no-one can prove are "right" at all. We just go by them because that was what we were taught as children, and these rules help us live longer.

    I think that we have too many stereotypes that are out of hand. Many people's opinions of America are screwed by the television they watch. Do you really feel as though the majority of America is filled with idiot scumbags? If so, then I suggest you turn the tv off for a sec and look up some stats. We may not be the smartest in the world, but we are not the dumbest either.

    But then, America sees untrueness of other countries as well. I like to use Japan in particular because I ave personal knowledge of this. But you can take what you think of other countries into consideration, look up some facts, and prove my point just the same.

    But, seriously. Only an ignorant person can pick one country. That's what me thinks.
  8. pikatore

    pikatore Registered Member

    What about China? They are considered as a superpower, but they aren't throwing thier weight around nearly as much as America.
  9. Sure, but China doesn't have the resources(not considering sheer manpower) or development to throw their weight around.

    The thing is that all nations are ruled by men and power corrupts. Additionally, the power of all nations is necessarily unbalanced(seeing as though we don't live in a perfect world) and citizens cannot truly be citizens of more than one nation. Its too easy for any one person to find supposed arrogance in a nation.

    It's a disease really.
  10. Impaired

    Impaired Guest

    Hard to top the good old USA for sheer arrogance.

    Other countries were just as arrogant once - we're just the last big boy left on the block.

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