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Are there any fans of this show? I absolutely love it, and wish it could have gone on longer. I didn't watch the show when it was airing though. I have watched the entire 3 seasons via hulu twice now.

What are your favorite characters or moments of the show?

Also, I was looking around on IMDB, and it looks like they have Arrested Development the movie in pre-production, scheduled for 2010.

My favorite character is GOB. I love that he fails as a magician, and rides around on a sedgeway.

Favorite moments would be when different members of the family would act out Michael being a chicken, and they would all do it in different and hilarious ways. Also, when they adopted Annyong. They thought Annyong was his name, and didn't realize he was just saying hi in his native language. There are so many more, but that's what came to mind first.


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I have them all on DVD here. I got most of the way through the first season and thought it was hilarious, but stopped watching it for whatever reason. I'll have to get back into it because it's a great show.

I love the parts with Tobias the never-nude. And George Michael trying to get with his cousin.


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Also, I love Sr's friend. The one with the missing arm that would always teach the kids lessons. He was the best.

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I just bought and watched through the first season. I love it. This easily cracks the top 10 shows I've seen. Super funny.

It is hard to pick a favorite character, although I find Tobias and Gob to be the funniest.

I watched a few episodes here and there, while they were still airing but I want to watch straight through. So, I'll be going out and buying the rest of the seasons.

My favorite parts... hmm... The never-nude comes to mind, George Michael and Maeby, almost everything about Gob. Too many to list off really.

I did hear about the movie coming out. After finishing the series, I'll be interested in seeing how that goes.


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GOB is my favorite. I have some animated avatars of him trying to throw the letter into the ocean. I can't remember what season that was on. lol

I'm working on getting all fo the Arrested Development seasons now.


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That was such a good show. There were so many jokes and many times I still find new ones after watching the episode multiple times.

My favorites would be Gob and Tobias. I love when Tobias was trying to get into Blue Man Group and he "blue himself".

I also love Bob Lawblaws Law blog. That and the chicken thing cracks me up every time.


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Definitely a brilliant show! Amongst my top 5.

"Illusions, Michael."

Is the movie still going to happen? Because I heard talk that Cera was getting too old for the part.


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Man, I love this show so hard. Halfway through the second season the show really started to fall off with crappy storylines. I had a lot of trouble finishing the third season the last time I watched the series through. The parts with the retarded blond were the worst.