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    Ok ,, this is'nt a proper recipe really with amounts of ingredients etc,, its just the basic idea of somthing to do with some Arrabiatta sauce and you can change it to suit your own taste. :D

    I like to use seafood for this, Prawns(large, tiger or king if possible) and mussel's ,, maybe a bit squid if you like. Or just prawns if you prefer,, remember add or omit as you please. You can also use chicken, (skinless chicken breasts cut into strips). I usually buy a small fresh tub of Arrabiatta sauce from the chiller section of the supermarket, but you can just make your own with some passatta or tinned chopped tomatoes and some pepper, herbs and chilli or cayenne.

    Ok put your pan of water on to boil for your chosen pasta,, i like spaghetti or linguini. The water should probabaly be boiling about the time you are adding the sauces to your dish,, just add your pasta as the main dish only takes about ten minutes from that time anyway:D
    Then as with a lot of stuff i cook start off with a large chopped onion and a couple of cloves of garlic chopped fine or crushed. Add to some olive oil in a large wok and cook about medium for a few minutes, add your seafood or chicken and cook for another 3 or 4 minutes. Add some chopped pepper, yellow or red and cook for just a minute or two. Add your Arrabiatta sauce and a tin of chopped tomatoes. This is where you add some seasoning to your taste also,, A bit of salt and black pepper,, i like it a bit spicy so i add some sort of chilli or hot sauce( maybe a tablespoon or two) or some Cayenne pepper,,, or both:shocked::D I also add a couple of dashes of worcester sauce. turn heat down to simmer for about five minutes or so.
    Serve with your desired pasta and some crusty garlic bread:D

    Remember you dont need to follow this exactly re arrange to suit your own taste, adding or omitting.
    If you dont like it spicy, change it to marinara by adding herbs instead of spices, basil and oregano usually.

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    Hey! I applaud your effort in coming up with these recipes. Arrabiatta! Damn girl! This is definitely unusual (for me, that is) but I'm curious enough to take a shot at it. Thanks
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    Thanks RJ:DIts an Italian sauce of course,,hope you enjoy it:D
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    I've had the microwave version of chicken arrabiatta more times than I'm proud of. :lol:

    I like reading your recipes, Saffy. They always sound like something I'd attempt to make myself if I had the motivation.
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    Thanks:Dit does'nt take as much effort or time as you would think;)

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