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Back in highschool, I had a locker. So did everyone else in school. I'm sure lots of you people had lockers as well. It was a custom to gather around a particular friend's locker, providing that theirs was in a good spot. Every morning, lunch and end of day, we'd all gather around the one locker, and goof off, make jokes, have conversations and basically just loiter. Each year it was a different person's locker. Also fun, was the act of stuffing the smallest of the group in said locker and locking it for a small period of time. Thankfully, by the time I started using a locker (grade 6), I was too big to fit in a locker.

I remember at one of these particular lockers, our friend had one of those little toy trolls. You know the ones with the crazy hair, and the little gem thing on its belly. We called it Vishnu, and we paid hommage to our locker troll. Until it fell out one day and its head smashed in. Then we realized that our diety was faulty.

So how about yourselves? Do you remember what you locker combo was from back then, or is right now for the younger members =P What kind of antics would you get up to. What was the best spot in the school for the 'hangout locker'? Any cool stories to tell?


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I couldn't tell you what it is right now, but I know what it is when I get to my locker. My locker location sucks because it is in the main hallway, and right next to a bitch of a teacher's room. My boyfriend usually meets me at my locker because he's faster than I am, and we walk to class together.


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Well someones full of interesting thread ideas today!

Me and afew friends had the locker gathering too. It was always at mine because I was lucky and got the spots near the lunch hall or next classes.

One of my friends kept a mouse in her locker for a term, until someone narked her in to one of the teachers. It was good fun to feed it on breaks and scare all the young little girls with it.

There was a locker just down from mine that belonged to a girl I couldn't stand. We found out her locker combo, and used to put all our rubbish from lunch in it. She never found out who did it, but it was funny to watch her flip out every time she opened her locker.


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My friends and I were jerks to each other. We had lockers like the ones in this picture:

Well see the lip/handle at the top? Every once in a while we'd put tooth paste all up behind there so when the person was in a hurry (or regardless) they would go to open their locker after unlocking it and get a hand full of sticky tooth paste.

Other days we'd get lazy and just put it on the combination dial itself.

And you thought getting Rick Rolled was annoying. :lol:


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I had a few locker hang outs. my school is really small and only has three hallways, two downstairs and one upstairs.

one hangout spot was my locker. i sat there with the chinese exchange students and we just laughed most of the time over nothing. at the other end of that hallway was where we played cards. so i would play cards there with my cousin and his friends. in the middle of that hallway i would read/do homework with a loner boy. he was really funny and nice.

downstairs i would sit in the main hallway with the girls. and down that hallway on the other end we would play hacky sack or soccer or badminton or something.
and the other hallway was the art hallway, we would sit there and play instruments.
We didn't have lockers so we carried day's books in our bags the whole day. Generaly we'd gather around a pillar under the roof, dump our bags and mess around.


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We don't really do anything like toothpase or loitering at my school.

But our lockers are awesome at my school. Every locker has 4 vents built in, now you might think how useless that is but we've gotten into the habit of blackmailing people's lockers. Just write something on a piece of paper and slip it into the vent.

People will go to open their locker and they'll have a few hundred notes from people they don't know and people that don't even exist, I think that's more annoying than toothpaste because you have tons of papers to clean up and you look like a retard when everyone thinks you really made a mistake.

The best part is that they don't see it coming ever. :D you don't realize what's going on until after the stuff is all over the floor because you can't see it.
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i dont have time to hang out during school except in class wich i sleep away. not that many friends to begin with, but being a satanist at a preppy-bitch filled school has its benifits.


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I never had a locker. The only thing that was close to having a locker is that area just outside the library. We can leave our bags and other stuff there to be more comfortable inside. :hah:


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I only remember my current combination lol

But no, I don't hang out at anyone's locker, my friends and I don't do that. Besides, I hate it so much when people just shoot the shit around the lockers. It's so damn annoying to have to fight your way to your locker when you just wanna go home.