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Armored Core(ps2 era)


Registered Member
It's hard to come by people who play this game. Is there anyone out there Who is/was a fan of this great series?


Formerly "Maikeru"
Im a big fan, but i havent played one in a while. AC 5 looks fantastic though.


AKA Ass-Bandit
The only Armored Core game I've played is #4, but I like the mecha customisation feature of the series. It's why I also like the Front Mission series and the BattleTech board game.


Registered Member
The PS2 versions where way better than AC 4 and up. There were also more parts and it involved more skill. The gameplay was very different and you could definately tell the difference between a n00b and a true fan of the series.


For a Free Scotland
I played AC3 I think, a bit, and liked the customization like most people, but didn't like how clunky overall the 'game' aspect of it was. Overall I think better mech games do exist and have been made en masse.