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Armed Pokemon Go robberies


I love all the news coming out of this game.

On one side it's like, "More people going outside than ever before! People exercising more than ever! Making new friends with Pokemon! Massive Pokemon meetups draw thousands of gamers together!"

And then there's: "Breaking into peoples backyards to catch Pokemon! Armed robberies! Hit by car, falling into river while trying to catch Pokemon! Teen finds dead body while looking for Pokemon!"

It's pretty hilarious, but I love it. I'm level 8 so far, Team Valor!


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I live in the city where some teenagers robbed another teenager (live in St. Louis, it happened in a suburb called O'Fallon) - I think people playing this just need to be smart. I wouldn't walk around waving my phone by myself normally so I wouldn't do so when playing a game. If you're with friends and are aware of your surroundings, great, get out of the house. I'm giving this game a try, because adulting, but I'm not exactly going out because of it. I'm more just messing with it if I happen to be somewhere different than my apartment haha. Xavier Woods from WWE is Team Valor so I'll probably check that one out too!


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Yeah, it's totally cool gaming if people remember it's not just Pokeverse but a Realverse out there. You can also team up with friends when you play so you're never alone - especially when there's a beacon - and nobody has to enter a building to use a stop.
It also helps if there's an accident since your friend or friends have phones too.

More about the new gym at Westboro Baptist church... LMAO!
Westboro Baptist Church recruits Jigglypuff, a Pokémon, against LGBT community on Pokémon Go


Free Spirit
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I think its great there is now a game that gets people out of their houses but be careful. Doubt I would do this myself but it does look like fun.


Sultan of Swat
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Definitely not my thing. How long do you think this fad will last?