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PPV Armchair Booker: Royal Rumble 2016


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Alright, we have a very creative group of people in this section so I thought that we could have fun in 2016 while sharing our visions of the current product. Let's forget about all the injuries currently plaguing the WWE roster right now and let's imagine that we have a fully healthy roster, what would be your ideal Royal Rumble card? Feel free to share your thoughts, whether it's your card or anything else in this.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship;

Wait, what?

Let's fast forward to tonight's edition of Monday Night RAW with Roman Reigns defending his title against Sheamus with Mr. McMahon as the special guest referee. It's pretty much guaranteed that Triple H will make his return on Monday night, getting revenge on Reigns for what he did to him at TLC. Furthermore, since it's also the first official Smackdown on USA this Thursday, this RAW needs a huge cliffhanger heading into it so my idea would be for Triple H, Mr. McMahon & the League of Nations to beat up Roman Reigns so bad (obviously ending the match in a no-contest) that we would have to question Roman Reigns' condition heading into Smackdown. From then, you can have rumors about Roman's condition and if he'll be able to actually defend the title at the Rumble. In fact, have The Authority threaten to strip him of the title and actually announce that they'll do it at the Royal Rumble. This can also be used to set up the next match I'll be talking about momentarily. Come at the Rumble, Triple H steps in the ring and cuts a promo belittling Reigns, saying he couldn't cut it as champion until Roman's music hits and he charges the ring. Have a big brawl between both Roman & Triple H erupt and this can go for a while. This sets up the actual Roman vs Triple H match somewhere down the line, possibly for Fastlane in February.

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose & John Cena vs Kevin Owens & Sheamus

This can be set up on the January 11th edition of RAW. First, have Triple H announce a handicap match between Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens & Sheamus for the Royal Rumble, even putting out there the possibility of the IC title being on the line. Sheamus can suggest the Falls Count Anywhere stipulation, hinting to a possible involvement from the League of Nations. However, John Cena steps in and volunteers to be Ambrose's partner at the Royal Rumble, much to the dismay of The Authority. Given Cena's tie-ins with both Owens & the League of Nations, this would make perfect sense. I'd personally have Ambrose & Cena go over but I'd protect Owens in this one and have Cena pin Sheamus.

WWE United States Championship
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Daniel Bryan

It's crystal clear to everyone that Del Rio's return has been horribly botched by WWE Creative and Del Rio lost all the steam he had from beating Cena at Hell in a Cell. Del Rio generates no reaction right now so what else is better than to pair him with the unanimously cheered superstar on the WWE roster, Daniel Bryan? You want to give Del Rio heel heat? Have Del Rio beat Bryan to retain his championship. And I think this would also set up Del Rio to be the real leader of the League of Nations and possibly setting up something else down the road.

The New Day Open Challenge
WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day vs SAWFT (Enzo Amore, Colin Cassady & Carmella)

Given that the Rumble is in Orlando this year, I think it'd be fitting for WWE to use this PPV to introduce to the main roster (whether it's a one-night thing or not in some cases), some NXT faces. The New Day has defeated every tag team thus far and they need new foils. In comes SAWFT to accept the challenge of The New Day in a 6-Person Tag Match. I know not everyone is thrilled with intergender matches but in that scenario, Carmella wouldn't need to spend much time in the ring, if at all. The key thing coming off of this match is that finally, the challengers have found someone to counter Xavier Woods' shenanigans that lead to so many New Day victories since they won the tag team championship. So, in that scenario, SAWFT go over in an upset over The New Day, which could possibly set up a future tag team championship match for Enzo & Big Cass.

WWE Divas Championship
Charlotte (c) (w/Ric Flair) vs Alexa Bliss (w/Blake & Murphy)

I know this one will raise many eyebrows but hear me out. I think we can pretty much agree that the gap between the NXT Divas & WWE Divas is much smaller than the gap between NXT Superstars & WWE Superstars. Is this showing some weakness in the Divas division on the main roster? That'd probably be more than likely on WWE Creative...My point is that at this stage of Charlotte's reign & her character development, I don't think it's the best idea to somewhat tease a possible title change. She's got a good thing going, she's slowly turning heel but she's not there yet. And I also believe that her program with Becky Lynch still has some legs to go so I'd be perfectly content with Charlotte having an "easy" title defense at the Rumble. I think that in this situation, in the spirit of introducing your audience to NXT characters, Alexa would be great for that position. I think she'd be the best option to suit what I'd want to accomplish for this match. However, I'd have no problem with having Becky Lynch involved in the match in various situations (color commentary, in Charlotte's corner, confrontation with Charlotte, etc.) Obviously, some would point out "Why not Sasha Banks?" but I'd answer that as long as Sasha Banks will be paired with Naomi & Tamina, I don't see her in the title picture. People see that Sasha is the breakout star of the group and you need to first break her away from Naomi & Tamina before sending her officially in the title run. As for the rest? Well, Paige has been MIA for a while and it doesn't seem like people are into Team Bella as they've been turning as much as Big Show lately so instead, give the opportunity to a fresh face to sink her teeth into the spotlight. That's what I mostly loved about WCW PPVs during the Monday Night Wars: you always had at least one random or bonus title defense on a PPV and it more often than not turned out to be the match of the night.

Royal Rumble Match

To me, there are 2 options to win the Royal Rumble: Brock Lesnar....or the field. If Lesnar is in the Rumble match, it's almost a gimme that he wins but I expect a star-studded Rumble this year, with perhaps a couple of NXT stars in it. I don't really expect legends to be surprise entrants but who knows?

So, that's how I'd book the Rumble this year but I'm pretty sure that come January 25th, en route towards Fastlane, I'll probably turn 180 degrees on most of this stuff! :p
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