Arm Wrestling


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What's the most intense arm wrestling match you've ever been a part of?

Yesterday I arm wrestled a guy and it lasted for what seemed like a minute and a half or so. I'm extra sore today because of it. Unfortunately I lost, but in my defense I haven't worked out in two weeks due to not feeling very well lately. It was super intense though. I think the worst part about losing it was that the match took so long that we managed to draw a crowd of about 10 other people. We were just locked at about 12:00 for the longest time and then I started to lose ground.



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I've been in many intense ones, especially against my brother in the past. We had the same strength and both have a good technique. We had some matches that lasted close to two minutes sometimes, neither of us wanted to give up.

Also arm wrestling isn't all about how strong you are, you need to have good technique as well.


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I have had some fairly lengthy battles in the past, the longest was close to three minutes with my brother when I was 15, up until the last couple of seconds I thought I was doing really well holding my own against him.
Not once did I think that although I was putting my all into it he was pretty much just playing.

A few years ago I had a match with a guy in the pub that went 2 minutes before his arm gave in.
I have since injured my right shoulder which has had it difficult to arm wrestle with out pain.
Me and my friend arm wrestle all the time and he always beats me every single time, every single time i wrestle him it gets more intense and intense the closer i get too figuring out his technique, one day ill get um.