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Arkansas Bans Saggy Pants


I ♥ Haters
Well, the title says it all. Here's the full scoop:

Arkansas bans saggy pants - Weird News - Canoe.ca

I like how this is a hot topic and bills are being passed on it, even though there are bigger issues out there like gay marriage etc. Wow.

And I'm not sure but, I think I might be being trolled here cuz the date of the article April 1st 2011.


aka ginger warlock
It is entirely possible that it is a joke but the thing is I could quite believe this would come in and be put in place.


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It is entirely possible that it is a joke but the thing is I could quite believe this would come in and be put in place.
It could be a joke, but I doubt it. People get in trouble or are told to pull their pants up whenever they're in public so it doesn't surprise me if it's true.


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Ah, yeah, this makes more sense. I hadn't read the original article yet and I was thinking "How the hell could this be enforced?". This makes more sense being in public schools. I've never been a big fan excessive dress codes, but I can understand this one. I mean, seriously, why would anyone walk around with their ass hanging out? I wear baggy jeans personally, but my ass actually contained within the pants themselves like it's meant to be.

Back home, my school's hillbilly superintendent banned black shirts and black pants being worn at the same time due to the fact that he ignorantly believes that this implies a student being 'gothic'.
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A lot of news services might do an April fools but not Reuters.
No more saggy pants for Arkansas school children | Reuters
I can kind of understand a little if someone's cheeks are showing but I def dont get how clothes are such an epic issue. I mean, it's school, not a fashion show. My boxers show a little and nobody makes issues or drama. It's just clothes and that's how people dress. I'm like, do I needa hide the top of my socks too? :lol:


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That's why I prefer school uniforms... :hah:

I can imagine them enforcing saggy pants ban soon as underwear is visible (or ass line if the person isn't wearing underwear). But how are they going to enforce the cleavage one? Any depth of neckline that shows what someone can call "cleavage" ? Yay for flat chested people then.