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Arizona is "bleeping" stupid!


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I learned a couple of things tonight. Once upon a time, it was illegal in California for Asains to marry white women. That's not all that I learned... I also learned that George Takei (Asain), Hikaru Sulu from Star Trek, is married in California to a white... man.

This is what he wrote today towards Arizona: http://www.allegiancemusical.com/blog-e ... ng-arizona

Today Arizona started the first step to pass a bill in to law that will allow businesses to deny any member of the LBGT service under the horrible premise of protecting religious freedoms. Taxis, Hotels... restaurants... what have you. If this passes to law...

How does the NHL feel about their Phoenix Coyotes team playing in a state that is against their highly supported Right to Play movement?
How does the NFL feel about holding the Super Bowl in Glendale when they could possibly have their first openly gay player in their league next year (At least drafted)?

The backlash to this will be greater than that when they removed Martin Luther King Day...


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This is what happens when you vote religious bigots into office, and is the reason i'm a democrat.


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I hate closed minded people who think their beliefs are the only ones that exist or matter... +6 billion humans on this planet and each of us are as unique as a snowflake. One of the people I used to work with posted this article on facebook (which is where I got it from) then one of her "mutual" friends decided to add his two cents... so I gave my short "this is all I am going to say" rebuttal.



Sultan of Swat
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It would be great if the league had the balls to take the game away. I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

It would set a tough precedent for the NFL. Do you let any state that doesn't allow gay marriage host the game? I'm guessing the league wouldn't go that far.


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Gay marriage is a totally different issue than denying them a taxi cab...

The guy in the above image, later replied about "mental illness" and "disease" and a bunch of other close minded bullshit. I told him the only person with mental issues was himself... All of his messages were removed today... lol


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Jan Brewer, Arizona Governor, just vetoed the bill. It's dead... *golfclap*