Arguing With Idiots


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No, this is not about Glenn Beck's stupid book.

Don't you hate arguing with idiots? Not just people who disagree with you, but people who just can't see facts. People, who regardless of the circumstances, will be stubborn jackasses who can't see even basic points. I have had so many sound arguments with stupid classmates who because of stupidity will stalwortly stick to their incorrect beliefs.

Take communism for example. many of you know I support the communist ideology, while stupid classmates strongly believe communism is wrong and stupid. So I asked the stupid fucker to define communism. And he couldn't.
Stupid fucks shouldn't argue about which they do not understand.


A Darker Knight
I like communism mainly cause of the equality it tries to teach. But as we all know things did not and do not work out quite as planned.

Anyways, when arguing with idiots, you just have to try your best and if it's hopeless then, you have to be able to recognize it, and accept the fact that they won't listen despite how valid your points may be.
You don't learn anything by arguing with idiots and they never listen to you, so there's just zero point in it.

Youtube comments = perfect example. Not that I waste time arguing with people in youtube comments, but it's frustrating even reading them sometimes.


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I'm not the smartest guy and I don't know everything about sports, but I've argued with some people that have no clue what their talking about when it comes to sports.

When I do it online I'm not afraid to tell them how stupid they're and that they have no clue what their talking about, but when I discuss sports with a close friend of mine and their wrong, I find it hard to tell them so.


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Its not even so much they are stupid or don't get it. Sometimes they understand your points, but don't agree with them, regardless of how sound they are. Its their choice is suppose, whether or not they wanna change their opinion.


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Yeah, when people get emo, it's time to quit. Sometimes, they just dont wanna learn cause they're just preaching. I mean, I'm not a Communist but it worked for the Russians for a long time and is still working in China. I can read, write, and even speak a little Russian and that really sets some people off! LOL! Another super conversation Stopper is religion! But when I hear the news, all I see is that nothing's really working very good. So yeah, I def hate havin to talk to idiots cause they sure aren't helping to make the world any better. Only people who are willing to listen can ever make a difference.


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I try my best not to argue with such people. There is no point to it. You get more frustrated with their ignorance more than anything else.