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I KNOW I should not be (or been) doing this, BUT.........someone told me they were talking bout my card auction in the forums. So laaa deee daaaa being a nosey rosey I had to go see what they were saying. Of course it was not good. They were making fun of my story and talking about it being a scam and so I get on there and defend myself. WRONG......should of stayed away!!!! I should know better than to do that. People can be SO mean.
Awww Jenn, when ya gonna learn? I don't care what you list, there will always be bashers and haters! :( Remember my fairy bones??? It was nothing more than a cute story that generated a ton of attention, you would not think anyone could find anything mean to say about it, but there was actually a whole huge discussion on a site that has nothing to do with auctions, and let me tell you, they were MEAN. Don't let it bother you, these people have mean souls and remember what you give and say comes back to haunt you tenfold! You should only care what we (your virtual friends here at AS) have to say!


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Jen, How about I send you a voodoo dollie for these "situations"? hahahaa! Then instead of jumping in, you can sneakily defend yourself with a little black pin.... hhahahha! I'm so mad that anybody would choose you're story to bash! I'll go stick some pins in MY voodoo dollie for them!


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LOL!!!! I know I should have stayed away from that board! Curiiosity killed the cat ya know!??? Its a wonder im not dead! LOL Well I told myself no going back, they are rude and mean and no reason for me to subject myself to that!!!

ares, seems our kiddo's hit it off pretty good. LOL Your son say anything about Kayla being a smart @ss. LOL Becuase SHE IS! lol...........She didn't get it from me either! LOL
Geez what a bunch of creeps! I can't believe you felt it necessary to waste a second of your life defending yourself to them! That's time that you'll never get back. Now when I did this for you did I question whether it was a scam? NO! When all your friends here purchased cards, did they question if it was a scam? NO! When that kind lady sent you a check, did she question you? NO! We're the ones you should bother with, not those LOSERS!
Jenn, think of the the wasted moments you spent on that board! I'm not trying to be mean, but I just felt like crying when I read what some of them wrote, and I just felt so bad for you for even seeing it. I'm sure whoever told you about it was trying to help, but they really didn't ya know?


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I know...........I KNOW I KNOW! Lesson learned. And I have actually had WAY more good contacts from my auctions than I have bad. Ok slap me and ground me from ever going back in there! :)


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OMG Jen!!!!!!!!!! What a trip! Those guys have wayyyyyyyy too much time on their hands. I felt so bad for you when i was reading it. grilling you like that. i couldn't believe what i was reading.