Argento Soma


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In the mid-21st century, mysterious alien invaders appeared without warning throwing the world into chaos. Though a brutal and short war against the first wave of invaders stopped their initial progress, aliens continue to appear and threaten the Earth. Every alien seems to have the same goal: converging on the mysterious so-called "Pilgrimage Point" in the Western part of North America.

In a strange twist of events, the anti-alien UN task force codenamed FUNERAL finds itself with a new weapon: a reanimated alien patchwork that can seemingly be controlled by a young girl. However, a new FUNERAL pilot, Soma Ryu, is secretly dedicated to destroying this "Extra One" as he blames it for the death of his beloved girlfriend. For Soma Ryu is actually Kaneshiro Takuto, one of the scientists who helped bring the Extra One or "Frank" to life.

Destined Sayuri

I think the show is interesting but I can't find the 2nd, 3rd, or last dvd for the series. I bought the first because I was a bit curious about the name of the show but whenever I try to get the other dvds the stores I look in only has the full boxset. I may order them from online and then tell you what I think because then i'll have a stronger opinion.