Argentine man kills himself on TV


"There can be only one!"

By Daniel Schweimler
BBC News, Buenos Aires

A former police chief in Argentina, wanted for alleged crimes against human rights, has shot himself dead in front of television cameras.
Mario Ferreyra was giving an interview on top of a water tank at his home in the northern province of Tucuman.
Police were coming to arrest him when he killed himself.
Mr Ferreyra was wearing his customary black shirt and cowboy hat and told the interviewer that he was innocent and had not committed any crimes.
He then told his wife, Maria, that he would love her forever, pulled a pistol from his boot and shot himself behind the ear.
'Pact of silence'
The Cronica television cameras were still rolling, transmitting live, as the distraught family gathered round.
Police, who had come to arrest Mr Ferreyra at his farm, came running, but it was too late. He was dead.
Mr Ferreyra was accused of kidnapping and torture during the military government that ran Argentina between 1976 and 1983. The victims' families say the suicide was part of a pact of silence - that the ex-police chief would not testify against former colleagues accused of kidnapping and killing some of the tens of thousands of Argentines who died during a period that became known as the "Dirty war".

Story from BBC NEWS:
I guess some of these pacts can be so evil, the it looks like the only way out is suicide, otherwise face severe torture, and if you break under torture, you'll watch your loved ones suffer and die.
I wouldn't be so quick as to judge this as a selfish suicide.


The Hierophant
Let's see if tomorrow will make a third suicide that's caught on camera in three days.

No sympathy rewarded to either. However unfortunate their circumstances, it was still their choice. Pact of silence or not.

On a side note, I never consider suicide a selfish end. If other people care about you, and they're hurt as a result, that's not the main goal. We will all die. We will all see people die. Going early is just jumping to the next level.


Cutting Edge in Murder
I can't say that I have much sympathy for the man, especially if he did torture people. But my heart does go out to his family and friends. They didn't deserve for this to happen to them on such a public scale.


Gay As Fuck
Still, it is a bit rash though, but I guess he was caught in a "catch 22" situation where either outcome would have been bad for him or his loved ones.



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Fuck man, what is happening here ? Someone decided to kill "himself" people don't leave him in peace. he didn't want himselft, what does he give a fuck for others.