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Discuss Area 51 Opens its doors


aka ginger warlock
Well not quite, but the US Government have now officially announced that the base does exist in the Nevada desert as discussed below:

Area 51 Finally Acknowledged By US Government

For the first time ever, newly declassified CIA documents refer openly to the top secret parcel of land in central Nevada that has become the global focus of conspiracy theories, rumours of crashed UFOs, alien bodies and futuristic air force projects.

The acknowledgement comes in a US government history of the U2 spy plane programme, obtained by George Washington University's National Security Archive through a public records request.

It includes an unredacted map of the secret site chosen to test the jet in the 1950s - but never identified on any government map.

Source: sky News
Of course anyone who is interested in the paranormal, lives in the US or has ever watched The X-Files knew that there was a base in the desert only known by the name "Area 51". We can only guess what exactly the base is about; is it a secret holding pan for alien technology or simply a place for the US to holds secrets (and what is so wrong with that) - this will not change anything in my opinion and many people will continue to speculate what is in there and why now the US Government have even decided to do this but I do find it odd that they have.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Since they have opened up they must of moved everything. How about letting some regular citizens tour every inch of that place then I will be satisfied there is nothing there out of the ordinary. I feel like they are throwing us a bone to distract our attention away from other things.


Something many people don't know, is that Australia has it's own Area 51. It's called "Pine Gap". Built out in the middle of the desert, apparently it's a join Australian and American military base. But due to all the secrecy, and thee fact that the whole area is a no-fly zone many people have also started suspecting it is a base for alien research. Apparently it's huge. Like an area the size of a huge football stadium but built under the ground.

I wish I could turn myself into a fly and sneak into these places.