Are Your Parents......?



Do you think that your parents are mean or nice mines are the best when im doing well in school....


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Do you think that your parents are mean or nice mines are the best when im doing well in school....
Well that only makes sense. I'd be much tougher on my son/daughter if he/she wasn't doing a good job in school. A lot of times when kids think their parents are mean, they're just frustrated they can't get their way.


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My mom loves yelling and snapping at me for no reason. Like, I'll ask her what time something starts and ends. She loves getting invited to parties, making me go and not telling me about them until the night before. So when I ask her that, she says that I should know that and to 'shut the fuck up.' -.- I hate my parents.

My dad let's her do that.


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My parents are so nice when I'm doing well in school. That's all it takes. Otherwise, it's just blah. They get on my back for not doing my work, wasting time, etc. Annoying, yes. Bad parenting, no.


I have a son who is in 5th grade, and yes I will come down on him for slacking and reward him for doing well, this is how it works especially in the real adult world. I have always told my son, when I ask him to do something there is always a reason and this includes school, chores, his behavior, respect...every aspect of life.

In short, when I became a father my whole life changed, it now revolves around my family especially my child. My most important duty in life and as a father is to raise my son to the best of my abilities and then some (200 percent). I have to build the foundation for him to stand on as to prepare him for the world. I can not be overly passive in the daily rituals of his life, if I where then life will be hard and laborious and full of disappointments.

Discipline, well I rule the house, I am the dictator, king etc. My house is not a democracy my son will do what he is told to do, and as time goes on and he proves to me that he has earned certain rights, then it will be granted. If he makes bad judgments, stupid mistakes, acts irresponsible then he pays usually with sacrificing his already earned rights. I will come down on him hard but, I will not drag it out over days or weeks, punishment should be swift and served in a timely fashion.


My parents are ok. When I'm doing well in school, they are really nice, but once I start slacking off I really get it. I'm going to recieve my report card tomorrow and I have been doing really well this year.

I expect a kick in the ass. I hate when schools give out grades before Christmas Break. It's like they want to ruin us.

Last term I had a 95% average and this first marking period it is an 81% average. Slight change? i think so.


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My parents are pretty cool, my dad gives me money and pays for my driving lessons and my mums just happy i haven't turned out like my brother.


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My parents have this thing where they are real laid back and cool, then all the sudden they go crazy and fascist for 3 days or so then calm back down.

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I'm doing excellent in school, yet my uncle continuously rages and yells and it's just not cool. I have a 5.1+ GPA, ranked in the top 15 in my class, involved in so many clubs/organizations/sports, and is friendly with everyone. Even so, my uncle tells me to get a 100 instead of a 98 next 6 weeks and things relating to such. Also, he hardly EVER lets me go anywhere at all. He really is a strict uncle. The only time I get to have fun and a great time is when he's at work and I decide sneak out. It works out pretty well some of the times I've done it. *sigh* I just wish my uncle would cut me some more slack and be a lot nicer. I'm 16 in about a week and I get no allowance--sometimes I do, which is like once a month (5 bucks). Argh, it's just really frustrating. I'll stop here though...