Are your parents still together?

Are your parents still together?

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Simple question. Are your biological mother and father still together?

Mine are not. Both have since remarried, my dad sooner then my mom.


rainbow 11!
Yeah, but I think that when I move out they will get a divorce. They have a rocky marriage and are only together because my dad was raised to know that divorce is baaaaad


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Mine are still together. They were about to split a year ago but reconciled and now they appear to be doing really good.


Monday Night Rollins
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Mine are still together and appear, at least to me, to be very happy.


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No, my parents split when I was around 2. Dad remarried to a complete bitch I don't get along with. She made him choose her or me, and as a result I got kicked out of home when I was 15. Mum's still single but thats more to do with her medical condition than anything else, but thats a complete other story.