Are You Worried About Getting Older?


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Are you concerned with getting older and old age?

At my young age it's not something I think about. When I get a bit older I reckon it is something that will worry me though.

My dad doesn't seem to be concerned with getting older and he's in his mid fifties. Maybe he covers it up because if I got to that age I'd be seriously worried about old age.

I used to love birthdays when I was younger but now they are no big deal and infact I hardly celebrate them at all. After my 21st I probably won't ever fully celebrate a birthday again.

What about you guys?
Yeah I think about that a lot... at least a few times a week or more, which is kind of irrational considering I'm only 18 but it just scares the hell out of me for some reason. I don't think I'll mind being older at all, it just feels like there's so much to do before then, so maybe it has something to do with my awful procrasination habits :dunno:

I always try and make myself feel better by thinking things like I'm not even legal to drink alcohol in the USA yet. :rolleyes:


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No I am not afraid of getting old. I just don't want to be one of those feeble old men who you see sitting on a bench at the mall. When I am an old fart I will be a feisty one. I hope I age gracefully and not turn into and old prune.


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Cant say Im really bothered by it. I think about it dont get me wrong. I think about it alot in fact. But I sorta accept the fact that Time is pretty precious and that we only get a certain amount of it.

I wont say Life is short... because for craps sake its the longest thing you'll ever do :hah: But I will say its most definitely precious and should be respected.

My parents dont show much fear about being older either, I'd say they are getting close to 50, not there yet but getting closer. I know I hear them talk alot differently now than they did 20 years ago, so lord knows there are tons of changes that occur in the human psyche between our age (early 20's late teens) and later adulthood.

Honestly... after my 18th birthday, I really didnt celebrate much anymore. Even on my 21'st, I just sorta went out and enjoyed the night. But since then I dont really even remember what I've done for my birthday this year.... I think we did dinner, but I know for a fact we didnt really make a huge deal out of it. Personally thats the way I like it... just a happy night, small and elegant. Really dont want to see a cake full of candles... thats for sure.


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I don't look forward to the aging in front of me, but the thought of being 46 once similarly raised the hair on my arms and, as things turned out, it doesn't suck much at all. Maybe the time we've already wasted and can't get back is easier to make peace with than the time we have left to use or lose.


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The only thing i think about is how i want to be; i've always thought about being a groovy granny with saggy tits, long grey hair and dozens of ferrets :lol:


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Na, its just an age. I just don't see why everybody feels compelled to want to know when it is to make a big deal of it. It's just another fricken day.


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The only thing I really think about old age is I am going to be in a lot of pain from the shit I did when I younger,lol.

I cant see myself growing old gracefully either, I just hope that I have good run and keep enjoying myself.
Once I was done with high school, it hit me that now came the time to focus on my career. Being a teenager was fun while it lasted but with age comes a sense of responsibility for the future.


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I'm young just now, so it doesn't worry me. But I think in the future I would be a bit apprehensive to grow older, I mean it's not something we can stop or change, just not something that I would want to do either.