Are you upset at Bret Hart for not returning?

I understand why he was upset and left, but are you upset at Bret Hart for not returning for the fans? A lot of the wrestling fans that I know love Bret and consider him the best in the business. They're disappointed that he didn't return and put that whole mess behind him to give the fans what they want.

He could've had an epic WrestleMania with HBK (have a gimmick built into what HBK and Vince did), a feud with some of the best: The Rock, Stone Cold, Brock, The Undertaker, Ric Flair and even Triple H.

Are you upset that Bret never returned for the fans?


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I personally was really upset when he left, he was my favorite wrestler, and he did so much for the business.

With that being said I understand why he decided to leave, he got screwed by Vince and he had every right to be upset. There friendship is much better these days, but still a little rocky.

But he still hates HBK like no one else. He cannot stand the man, and when Bret got inducted into the Hall of Fame, he said that I'll only show up if HBK isn't there.


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I think Bret is still chewing on some sour grapes over the whole situation but I won't get into that.

I don't blame him for not coming back. Goldberg recklessly gave him a concussion in late 1999 I think it was, he was never the same. Then he had the stroke in 2002 and because of that was physically incapable of ever wrestling again.

So no, I dont blame him; because he couldnt have come back and wrestled even if he wanted to. His relationship with Vince got back onto speaking terms as a result of the stroke because Vince came to his aid and asked how he was doing. So they have a so-called, working relationship.

The fact he allowed WWE to induct him into the Hall of Fame was all us fans should ask of Bret. Maybe he could have come back and been the special referee in the HBK/McMahon match at Wrestlemania 22...but he didnt and I respect his opinion. The whole thing pisses me off because there was so much more Bret could have given to the business.

Maybe if Bret doesnt leave Owen doesnt die?
Maybe if Bret doesnt leave he's still wrestling to this day?

Who knows but the fact is he's one of the greatest of all time and if he wants to stay away from wrestling we should let him be.