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Discuss Are you single?

Are you single?

  • Yes

    Votes: 25 64.1%
  • No

    Votes: 14 35.9%

  • Total voters


Registered Member
Sort of. Does it count as a relationship if she's already married? Haha.
Depends on what you two do, but I'd say generally yes. Also, that's a really bad idea, and you should probably GTFO of that before he shoots you or something.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I'm dating someone now. I've never felt the pressure to be in or out of a relationship. It's funny because when I'm not seeing anyone in particular, people assume that I'm in a relationship (maybe that's why I don't get pressured) and when I'm seeing someone, some people think I'm not. I guess the fact I have tons of guy friends who are close to me, confuse everyone. Only a facebook change of status can clarify some things. :D


Registered Member
I'm single by choice, I'd say.
I guess I don't care very much for relationships. I think I'd rather work on myself for now than jump into one when I know I'm not ready.
It's funny though, because I've always thought that I'm "open" with relationships. What I mean is that I don't mind someone's appearance all that much and I rather go for someone that I get along well with. Despite being open-minded (I guess you could say), I don't see myself attracted easily at all... But I don't really mind either! I'm single and not ready to mingle and I'm okay with that. :)


Registered Member
I'm single, not by choice though. I haven't been in a relationship before but I'd very much like to be in one, although it wasn't until after playing video games for years to escape reality for me to come to this realisation.

Having social anxiety, it is hard for me to meet new people and to get close to people. I have made improvements in regards to my anxiety and I am hopeful that I'll have a relationship in the not too distant future.

That being said, I may be putting too much importance in finding love. It was in dealing with my social anxiety that I came to the realisation that I needed a deeper relationship than what I could get from a friendship, in realising this I shifted my focus towards finding love. I used to just think that I'd eventually just find it, or it would find me, but that was when I had convinced myself that I was happy being alone which it's clear now that I wasn't.

I think I'll leave it at that since I had to restrain myself from going too deep in self analysis; plus I'm tired. :p


Free Spirit
Staff member
Sort of. Does it count as a relationship if she's already married? Haha.
Its a relationship but one that isn't worth it. Her husband finds out and leaves her over it he could sue you or like Wade said he could shoot you.


I ♥ Haters
Very much so. I've been single since about 2008, with steady dates here and there. Now that I think about it, it has been a while since my last serious relationship, but I'm not really worried nor am I under any pressure to find someone. I think I'm fine for now. If it happens, it happens, but not actively looking for a relationship. It's funny though, all the girls I went to high school with are either married with kids and engaged and I'm the only one in my own little world, doing my own thing. Haha.


Registered Member
Not single. I knew I had to find a new girlfriend when I started developing feelings for a close friend - so I started going out and found someone. Ever since I got older, getting out there and picking up is much less horrifying (still a bit though) since I know it always works and the consequences of failure is a couple of hours lost to interesting conversations with interesting people.


Registered Member


In my location peoples values and morals are just really hard for me to look past. I know not to look for perfection or be shallow and or anything like that because you'd just end miserable by doing so but in the end there are just some habits and living styles that are really just unacceptable.

I don't exactly hold to a lot of standards either but finding people with decent amounts of self respect and education so I can actually talk to them is a one and a million chance here.


Commitment is also extremely hard to find around my area as well and relationships here have taken the new gen form where a relationship will only last 'as long as it is fun and the sex is good', even that means getting married and then divorced in a few months or a year...

I'd throw in a ranty bit about being able to compromise with another person as well but it would basically be the same text as before, no one is really willing to do it.


It's borderline depressing to think about it, so I don't.

If I find someone that is a half way decent individual with even a few things in common with me, maybe I'll pursue something. Until then I'll just sustain myself with harmless flirting, lead ons, and other things possibly unmentionable...


needs practice
So many good stories!!!

I am single and have been for about two months. I've had two long term girlfriends, 3 years and 3 and a half years, since I was 16. Now I'm at a crossroads in my life, and I think I will stay single for a few years, live it up before it's time to settle down. I also think first I need to be truly happy with myself before I can make someone else happy. I'm down to just date right now and meet new people, but focus on bettering myself before thinking about a relationship.


Registered Member
Yes, I'm technically single. But, I'm very happy living with and enjoying life with my same sex partner (for 10+ years). Same sex marriage is not legal here in Japan, if it was we might be married, I really don't know.

Despite all the talk you here about the freedom of being gay in Japan, there is a certain undefinable stigma about it. I can't really put my finger on the why of it. People are very reluctant to admit that they are gay or talk about it. Look at the gay pride activities, events, parades and etc. in Japan. The turnout is so very poor that it is amazing.

Occasionally I have the opportunity to tell somebody that I am gay and have a very wonderful partner and they certainly do not say "congratulations" or anything like that. But, on the other hand, they do not run away either, nor do they start to act uneasy around me. If they make any comment at all it's something like "Daniel just came out to me" to everybody else sitting or standing around.