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Are you shure we can't use Duct Tape?


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all..

Well as you know summer is in full swing....And so are our kids...

Only one week into it and i'm ready to break out the Duct Tape..

I clean, they distroy. I put it up, and they take it all out..

I take them to the pool, and they want to do is go and play viedo games.
Now I know they are kids, but make up your minds!!!!!
They are driveing me nuts.......
Oh wait a min i'm allready nuts.....LOL

So do any of you feel that D.T is a good answer? Or is there a better glue out there?:lol: :lol:

Anyhoo happy summer and have fun all :D

PS: You gotta try makeing a 30ft slip n' slide...No summer is compleat without one!!!!
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what? no pink?
lol well duct tape certainly sounds like a great idea! :D It's not warm enough here for the pool yet. Maybe in the next week or so. We still have wind and rain. FUN! :(

The 30 ft slip and slide sounds interesting lol Sounds like the kids are at least having fun. when does our run begin? hehehe I did take my daughter to the Enchanted Forest on Monday though. That was pretty fun. We go there all the time though. Our fair doesn't come to town until just before school starts. I printed off this years weekly summer concert schedule. it looks pretty fun. We will be going to most of those since they are aimed at family fun and they are FREE! can't beat free :D We also hope to be going to the beach a few times and have a california trip scheduled for just before school starts as well.

So let us know how the duct tape works out LOL


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I used to live in Minnesota - the land of the Jolly Green Giant and the makers of duct tape. There ain't nothing that can't be fixed with duct tape!

Go for it ... duct tape everything. In fact, there are whole books that have been written about all the uses for duct tape (serious books too). An amazing invention. Just wish it came in a nice color selection :D

My nieces will be out to visit this summer and will spend all their times looking for sea shells on the beach I'm sure. I was thinking about taking them out for whale watching, but I don't know - they're 6 and 4 - anyone think that might be too much for them? It's a three-hour tour (just like Gilligan's Island) and you're pretty much guaranteed to see some whales, as we have a pod that hangs out around here all the time.