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Are you prepared for a semi long term unknown disaster.


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Early this year with the world going nuts decided to store away enough food and water for two to hold out for 6 months for a just in case. Also bought a good amount of medical emergency supplies for minor and more serious conditions. And bought extra silver to have on hand in case paper money becomes worthless. And of course extra ammunition for all my guns and rifles. Have recently watched a show on discovery channel that I think was the channel that shows you how to be prepared and what might happen if the world falls apart from disease. Realized I might want to stock up on a few other items like toilet paper. My wife thinks its not needed but has indulged me when I did it on this project. Dont know how she is going to handle my trip to costco and a van full of toilet paper:shocked:

Anyone else have emergency supplies put away and how much? Or do you think people like me are nuts and think things would never get that bad civilization for the need. My thought for doing this in the beginning of the year was more for a Katrina like thing happening and have about a months worth of supplies. And in the end doing a worst case scenario.

What about you?


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I got a couple of guns and food to last me for about 2 weeks. I don't prepare for anarchy, and I know I should especially with a few things that are going on right now. But the chance of a end of the world scenario happening soon is very slim, but I think we will see our chances go up as the years go by. My friend has a basement with enough food in there to last him 3 years, and a ton of guns and told me if something ever happens that he want me by his side. So I think I am prepared lol.

As for hurricanes and stuff like that, I was able to survive the last big hurricane with a jar of peanut butter, bread, animal crackers, and a can of pringles. So I don't really prepare for small disasters.
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